The Bookie Trials Royal Weekender Wrap Up

Here’s how this weekend readathon went!

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NOTE: This post has been getting a ton of traffic lately so I wanted to pop in and let you know that I no longer support this readathon or it’s creator. Recently it’s come to light that Rachel Marie was making horrible and inappropriate racial and sexual comments to other creators and insulting neurodivergent creators and subscribers. I do not condone any of this behavior and did not know of it’s existence when I participated in this readathon. I will absolutely NOT be participating in anything they host in the future.

If you are here looking for the creator’s social media accounts, they were all deactivated after being publicly called out for their behavior. 

In my TBR post I shared links and details on the readathon! So definitely check that out if you want to participate in future readathons!

I had big plans for this readathon – and while they didn’t all go as planned, in my mind, I earned all 8 badges ♥

All Team Badges

OathmakerPower SurgeTomeTournament

1. Oathmaker: Shared your TBR ✅

Badge 1 complete!

2. Tournament Ready: Joined a Competition ✅

I actually did quite a few! I figured since I was stuck inside all weekend, it was the perfect time to try and do as many readathon activities as possible.

I did the Scavenger Hunt,

3. Power Surge: Completed a 2 Hour Sprint ✅

Like with the Tournaments, I tried to do as many sprints as possible – which definitely helped my reading amount!

I did the Bard Off + Live Sprint on Saturday morning,

4. Tome Champion: Completed a Book ✅

Magi Badges

Magi - ClairvoyanceMagi - CraftMagi - LoreMagi - Might

5. Expansive Lore: Discovered a New World

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine ⭐⭐


God I did not like this book… I was interested (and stubborn) enough to finish it but I can’t say I ever enjoyed a single second reading it. At one point I downloaded the audiobook thinking that would help – but wow was the narrator awful. In the end I started skipping pages and surprise, surprise: nothing interesting happened and I missed nothing 👎

6. Master Your Craft: Watch your fave Booktuber

In between sprints, I watched a whole ton of Booktube videos. Here are some of my favorites that I watched this weekend ♥

She is an Open Books – OWLs TBR:

Chandler Ainsley – M(ARC)ch reading blog:

Alexandra Roselyn – OWLS TBR:

7. Clairvoyance: Read a 5 star Prediction

Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey ⭐⭐⭐.5


This unfortunately wasn’t quite a 5 star, but I still really enjoyed it! This is a super cute, fun paranormal romance with all of Tessa Bailey’s signature quirk and dirty talk. This book was so readable and engaging and I absolutely flew through this. What was missing for me in here was real character and relationship depth and world building. Seriously I have so many questions about this world and it’s magic(?)….

8. Magi Might: Purple on the Cover

The Better Liar by Tanen Jones OR My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid

Escaping From Houdini (Stalking Jack the Ripper #3) by Kerri Maniscalco – Currently Reading

BetterLiar MyDarlingDuke EscapingFromHoudini

I didn’t get to either of these. I tried picking up My Darling Duke on audio and absolutely despised the narration within the first 30 seconds. So I shut that down.

Then I tried picking up The Better Liar and while I thought the first 30 pages were intriguing, I was felling super burnt out after the whole Ink and Bone debacle. So I decided to scratch this for now too.

Instead, I cheated and picked Escaping From Houdini back up. This does have some purple on the cover so I’m counting it even though it technically can’t count according to the readathon rules (only books in your declared TBR can go toward a challenge). But I don’t care 😅 In my mind, I earned this damn badge!

How did you reading go last week??


3 thoughts on “The Bookie Trials Royal Weekender Wrap Up

  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! I also participated, and ended up reading so much! I really enjoyed watching the live shows and reading ‘with them’!


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