Weekly Tarot Recommendations!

Time for round 2 ♥


The Concept

I totally got this idea from Ariel Bissett! So if you haven’t seen her video, definitely go check it out.

This is a 3 card spread and you can play along one of two ways:

  1. Chose one of the 3 cards that speaks to you. Don’t over think it, just chose which ever one your gut is telling you to.
  2. View this as virtual weekly or 3 card spread! A 3 card spread can be read many ways but the most common interpretations are:
    • Past, Present, Future
    • Mind, Body, Spirit
    • You, Me, Us
    • Stop, Start, Continue

The Spread


Now is the time to pick a card! I’ll read the cards from Left to Right. So feel free to skip to the card you pick or read them all!









Card 1: The Past


The first card is THE HIEROPHANT


The hierophant represents tradition, knowledge, and convention. It can mean there is a teacher or mentor that will provide wisdom or guidance. Or it can mean that you, or someone close to you, is stuck in there ways. It’s a card of traditional values, education, religion or political institutions, and conformity.

Depending on your situation, it can mean this is a time to avoid rocking the boat; or it could mean this is a time create traditions of your own.


I’m not sure why but this one was really hard for me to find the perfect rec for! The one I chose might seem odd, but the more I thought about, the more perfectly it seemed to fit this card.

I recommend:

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


This book is a Russian folklore inspired fantasy that follows Vasya throughout her entire childhood. The people in her village are abandoning the old gods as Christianity spreads throughout Russia. But the old gods are real, and Vasya can see them fading, leaving the village in danger as an old, evil demon awakens.

This really hits all of the key words for this card – its about religion, conformity, knowledge, and the winter king could definitely be seen as a mentor of sorts.

This book is a bit slow going for the first half, but the latter half and rest of the series are 100% worth it. The atmosphere is entrancing and the folklore is so beautifully woven with the fantasy elements. This book deserves all the praise and awards it’s received.

Card 2: The Present


The second card is 7 OF PENTACLES


This card is all about growth! It signifies a time of perseverance and reflection. All your hard work is coming to fruition and soon you’ll see the results! This is a card about setting long term views/goals, finishing what you started, and nurturing growth.

This could be financial investment, inheritance, job growth, etc. But good things are coming if you stay focused!


This weeks recommendations were way harder to come up with! I also struggled with this one for a bit.

But in the end I settled on:

Cold-Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas


This is a historical romance following Devon who inherits a Earldom he doesn’t want. Devon is content being a bachelor in London, but now he’s forced to take care of a broke-down manor, non-profitable lands, 3 sheltered cousins, a widow, and a broke earldom.

This book is really about Devon’s (and his brothers) growth. It follows them as the navigate this new normal and turn the property into something profitable and livable. This romance is so much fun and (surprisingly to me!) super steamy. I was absolutely swooning over Devon by the end.

Card 3: The Future


The final card is 9 OF WANDS

The Meaning

This card is about nearing the end of your journey! You are so close to getting what you desire, you just need to gather your strength and keep moving forward. This card calls for strength, stamina, resilience, and courage.


For this card I (highly) recommend:

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett


This is a YA dystopian about a society that believes women gain the power to seduce and manipulate men into leaving their wives at the age of 16. So every year, a group of young women turning 16, are sent into the woods to “burn through the magic” and make them safe for society. And every year, the women who return are broken shells of themselves.

This follows Tierney as she faces her Grace Year – only she doesn’t believe in the magic society tells her she possesses. Out in the woods, the girls begin to change and turn against each other. Tierney try to hold the group together but soon she’s facing the treacherous wilderness on her own.

This book is all strength, resilience, and courage. This has such a raw and impactful feminist message. And we stan.

That’s it for week 2 of Tarot Card Recommendations!

What card you chose?? Let me know if you like your recommendation or if you have any you think would fit!


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