Author Backlists I Want to Binge

I’ve been all about the author/series binge lately!

Historically speaking, I’m the literal worst at following through with series. But this year I’ve made it a priority to focus on my open series.

Doing this made me to fall back in love with binge reading and I’ve absolutely loved sitting with a series or for 3+ books. And it’s made me want to do that with other things – like my favorite author’s backlists!

There are a lot of authors I’m late to the game with, so there are tons of backlist titles I missed out on. Here are some of my favorite authors whose backlists I desperately want to binge!

Note: These are all romance authors. What can I say, I have a type 😅

1. Lisa Kleypas

It’s no secret that I’ve been all about the historical romance lately. And my obsession with Lisa Kleypas doesn’t show any hint of slowing down. I own 2 full series of her’s and I definitely plan on picking up more as I finish them! According to Goodreads she has 82 distinct works so I have a lot to work through.

2. Kandi Steiner


I’ve kept pretty up to date with Kandi Steiner’s new releases but she does have a couple of backlist titles I haven’t read yet. Specifically A Love Letter to Whiskey, Weightless, and The Wrong Game.

3. Lexi Ryan


I probably missed a memo somewhere but I just learned that all of Lexi Ryan’s books take place in the same world and are somewhat connected 🤯 Mind blown… So now I definitely need to get to her backlist asap so I can be in on all the little Easter eggs she has thrown in!

4. Nalini Singh

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Another author everyone is probably hella sick of me talking about 😅 But I want to finish the entire Guild Hunter and Psy-Changeling series this year so I can check out some of her other books too! Singh writes so many genres I could probably read her books exclusively and not get burnt out.

5. Katee Robert


I read a ridiculous amount of Katee Robert in April and I’m not even sorry about it. I’m planning to binge her Wicked Villains series this month and she has a ton of other backlist titles released. Plus apparently this woman can pump out books like magic when inspired. So I don’t think I’ll ever be short on books by my new favorite smutty author.

6. Sarah MacLean

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This is another historical romance author that I absolutely fell in love with! I definitely want to finish this series, Scandal & Scoundrel, and The Rules of Scoundrels.

7. Penelope Douglas


I won’t lie, I’m a little nervous about this one 😅 I flipping loved Credence! But I know all of Penelope Douglas’s books are pretty out there and controversial. So I’m a little apprehensive to dive into her backlist. Especially since I DNF’d Punk 57 because I just can’t handle sexy times about high schoolers.. too weird.

8. Tessa Bailey


I fell head over heels with Tessa Bailey’s writing in Fix Her Up and new I wanted to read more by her! I started the Girl series but haven’t gotten back to it so that is for sure happening soon! I also want to give the Line of Duty and Beach Kingdom series a read!

9. Melanie Harlow

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I just finished the Cloverleigh Farms series and I’m already missing it so much ❤️ I had no idea what Melanie Harlow’s backlist looked like but apparently she has 4 other series that I desperately want to binge now!

10. Brittainy C. Cherry


Brittainy C Cherry writes really hard-hitting and heartbreaking romances, so I don’t know how many I’ll be able to read back to back 😅 But I definitely want to get through a chunk of her backlist titles. Especially the Elements series!!

11. Elle Kennedy


I really wanted this list to be 10 authors long but I couldn’t leave Elle Kennedy off this list! I absolutely adored the Off-Campus series and the Him duet. But she has a ridiculously long backlist of self- and co-authored books that I need to give a try.

Who are some authors you love and would like to binge read?


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