Weekly Tarot Card Book Recommendations

Round 5 of recommendations! ♥

The Concept

I totally got this idea from Ariel Bissett! So if you haven’t seen her video, definitely go check it out.

This is a 3 card spread and you can play along one of two ways:

  1. Chose one of the 3 cards that speaks to you. Don’t over think it, just chose which ever one your gut is telling you to.
  2. View this as virtual weekly or 3 card spread! A 3 card spread can be read many ways but the most common interpretations are:
    • Past, Present, Future
    • Mind, Body, Spirit
    • You, Me, Us
    • Stop, Start, Continue

The Spread

Now is the time to pick a card! I’ll read the cards from Left to Right. So feel free to skip to the card you pick or read them all!









Card 1: The Past


The first card is The Chariot


This card symbolizes strong will and triumph! It’s your confidence, will and inner warrior. You may be feeling motivated and ambitious. There will be obstacles along the way, but have confidence and go for what you desire!


I knew right away I wanted to chose a fantasy with a strong female heroine. So I obviously had to go with my latest series obsession.

Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter #1) by Nalini Singh


This is the first book in the Guild Hunters series which an urban fantasy romance series that I absolutely adore. This follows Elena who is a vampire hunter. She is hired by New York’s archangel, Raphael to track down an evil that is terrorizing the city.

This book/series is full of obstacles that Elena faces head on. It has amazing world building, unique takes on classic paranormal characters, and amazing romance elements! I can’t recommend this on enough.

Card 2: The Present


The second card is The Fool


The Fool symbolizes youth and new beginnings. It is your spontaneous and enthusiastic side. Others may doubt your abilities because of your inexperience. But you are on the verge of exciting and new adventures – just make sure to look before you leap!


I actually came up with 2 recommendations for this card and I couldn’t decide between them. So you get 2 recs for this card! One of them is part of a series that can be read as a standalone and the other is graphic novel.

Manhattan (Becker Brothers #3) by Kandi Steiner


This book immediately popped into my head when I flipped this card. However, this is the third book in a series. While this series can 100% be read as standalones, there is an overarching storyline that carries throughout. So some people may not want to read them in order (hence the additional recommendation).

This follows Mickey in the aftermath of a devastating breakup. He feels abandoned and lost and decided to leave his small, southern town behind to move to New York City. But his best friend, Kylie is determined to remind him how much he loves this town. And maybe even muster the courage to finally tell him she loves him.

This book is all about new beginnings and finding yourself. It’s such an adorable and heartwarming romance!

Hearstopper by Alice Osman

If you’re not looking to pick up a book in the middle of a series, definitely check out these graphic novels! This is a YA contemporary graphic novel series following two super soft, super adorable boys falling in love and navigating a lot of new experiences – high school, friends, overseas travel, etc.

The artwork is absolutely beautiful and this story will definitely warm your heart.

Card 3: The Future


The final card is The High Priestess

The Meaning

This card symbolizes intuition, dreams, and mystery. It’s asking you to listen to your inner voice and trust your gut. Pay attention to your dreams and signs from the universe – they’re trying to tell you something.


This is another one I had a whole list of recommendations for! I decided to go with this one because this entire book is about trusting gut instincts. Plus the main character is a tarot card reader for her job so it just seemed fitting.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware


This might be a slightly obvious choice for this card but I absolutely love Ruth Ware’s thrillers so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to recommend my favorite! This story follows Hal who is a tarot card reader and professional liar. She receives a mysterious letter bequeathing her a substantial inheritance. But she’s certain they have the wrong person. The letter leads her to a mysterious, creepy mansion and bickering family. There she realizes something is very, very wrong about this strange situation.

This book is super creepy and atmospheric! Hal is a master and reading people and listening to her intuition. This is the perfect book to read on a cool, rainy spring day!

That’s it for this weeks recommendations!

What card did you chose?? Let me know if you like your recommendation and if you have any others!


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