Book Review: The Tourist Attraction (Moose Springs, Alaska #1) by Sarah Morgenthaler


Title: The Tourist Attraction
Series: Moose Springs, Alaska #1
Author: Sarah Morgenthaler
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Ebook, 352 pages
Goodreads page

I received an ARC copy of this from Sourcebooks Casablanca via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review


Graham runs the Tourist Trap diner in Moose Springs, Alaska. The name was supposed to be a joke, but tourists endlessly flock to his diner every day. He wants nothing to do with onslaught of tourists. Until he meets Zoey Caldwell..

Zoey is only in Moose Springs for 2 weeks. Alaska has always been her dream trip and she plans to pack in as much adventure as she can. But the more time she spends there, the more she realizes their may be more to love in Moose Springs than just the Alaskan wilderness.


➸ POV: 3rd Person from Zoey & Graham’s POVs

➸ Graham Barnett: Owner of the Tourist Trap diner, Grumpy, Hates Tourists

➸ Zoey Caldwell: Tourist – spending 2 weeks in Alaska, Best friends with Lana who frequently visits Moose Springs, Waitress

Content Warnings: Fighting/Violence, Animal Cruelty

My Thoughts

Overall I thought this was a really fun rom-com! I had some minor issues, but over all this book was sweet and a really good time.

Also just a note – I thought the audiobook for this was absolutely fantastically voiced! So if you’re in the market for a new audiobook, definitely check this one out!

Now onto the actual book..

I am absolutely smitten with Moose Springs, Alaska! This setting was everything I love in small town romances. It even had an adorable and sassy moose side character! This setting swept me away and made me want to travel and visit Alaska. I will read absolutely anything set here!

I thought the discussion of tourism’s negative and positive impacts was really interesting. We get perspectives from both a local and tourist which highlighted the pros and cons for each side. I liked that an opinion wasn’t necessarily voiced, but opened the door for discussion. This book delves into financial, environmental, and emotional impacts of tourism. It was something I don’t think I’ve never really read about and I enjoyed the discussions it rose.

In general I really enjoyed each of the characters in here! Zoey was really relatable and multifaceted while Lana was absolutely hilarious. My biggest issue with this book in general was Graham…

I wanted so much more from Graham’s character. He’s pitched as being a grumpy hero but in actuality he wasn’t that at all… Yes he’s humorously snide toward tourists on occasion, but in reality he’s just rude and aggressive. The number of times he physically attacks or verbally assaults another character was borderline ridiculous. I understood all of his frustrations, but throwing punches and yelling at other people should never the answer. And calling him an “alpha-hole” on page doesn’t justify his actions. When Zoey had to forgive his outbursts for the 4th time I was personally fed up with him. He had his charming moments but overall I was annoyed with his bad temper.

Overall, I enjoyed this lighthearted romance. It had wit, banter, and an atmospheric and charming setting that I fell absolutely head over heels for. While the hero wasn’t my favorite character, I’m really excited to read more in this series!


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