Goal Check In: July

In 2020 I set myself some specific reading goals/challenges for each month and I want to make sure I’m staying accountable. Here’s how July went!

1. Review Every Book ✅

I honestly cannot believe I’ve reviewed over 100 books already in 2020…

2. Read 100 Books ✅

I officially hit my goal early this month!! I’m now at 112 books for the year!

3. Physical/Backlist TBR Challenge ✅

Man this challenge did me dirty this month… The first 2 I DNF’d and the last was the worst book I’ve read this year. I feel betrayed.

4. Read outside my comfort zone ✅

I actually read a sci-fi! I never pick up this genre, but I actually really enjoyed this!

5. Read at least 2 books in an open series ✅

I’ve been on such a roll with series this year!

6. Read at least 1 BOTM book ✅

I actually finished reading this before I even received my physical copy 😅

7. Romanceopoly ✅

This month I finished City Lane (Urban Romance), Rainbow Row (M/M Romance), and Emergency Service (Firefighter/Police Officer). And I enjoyed all of these!

8. July TBR

Probably one of my favorite TBRs I’ve set all year. So many new favorites!

9. Seasonal TBR

I got a TON of arcs read this month so I made a seriously solid dent in my Summer TBR. Also most of these were absolutely amazing!!

Wow July was a great reading month!! How are you doing with your 2020 goals??


15 thoughts on “Goal Check In: July

  1. Congratulations on crushing your July goals! Hopefully the Backlist picks will be better next month.


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