Book Review: Blitzed (Playbook #3) by Alexa Martin

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Blitzed
Series: Playbook #3
Author: Alexa Martin
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 325 Pages
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Brynn and Maxwell have always been drawn to each other. But after an encounter that ended poorly, Brynn no longer wants anything to do with him.

Maxwell knows he mad a mistake, and possibly messed up his one chance with the woman he’s been waiting to make a move on. And he’ll do anything to prove he’s sorry – other than tell her the truth about what triggered his outburst that night. 


➸ POV: 1st Person, Brynn’s POV

➸ Brynn Sterling: 32, Owns the bar HRS, Only child, Close with father, Afraid of relationships because her mother walked out on them when Brynn was 15

➸ Maxwell Lewis: Defensive back for the Denver Mustangs, Shy, Quiet, and Secretive, Has a younger half brother

Content Warnings: Child Abandonment, Rape/Sexual Assault, Blackmail, Heart Attack (+ scenes set in a hospital)

My Thoughts

I really love this series!! I find Alexa Martin’s writing to be laugh out loud funny and extremely witty – which makes for some of my favorite characters! However, I think where this series (and this book included) fall short of a perfect 5 stars for me, is with the endings. 

Alexa Martin writes my absolutely favorite female characters! I love that across all 3 books, every female character is well developed, layered, flawed, and wholly unique. I love that not only are her characters relatable, they’re realistic to the diversity of women. I love that Martin does not shy away from femininity or try to tone down her female characters – they like boogie AF drinks, reality TV, and fashion. It’s so refreshing to read characters that feel real and authentic and not like they’re dulled down to appeal to broad(male) audience. 

And Brynn was no exception! She drove me absolutely crazy at times but in the best way possible. She felt like someone I would actually be friends with or no in real life. And her obsession with Parks & Rec – relatable! I also think that Maxwell might be my favorite hero of the series so far! I wish we had gotten more time with him (or a POV from him) because he did end up feeling less developed that Brynn. But I liked that he was your stereotypical, alpha-male athlete. 

Where is lost a star was in the brother plot line. I don’t like when books (particularly romances) through in one final altercation 15 pages before the end of the book. It always feels unnecessary since there is no time left for anything to be developed from it. Instead I’m left feeling like it was tossed in for one final shock factor. And that was the case here. I think there was plenty of tension and conflict in the story already, and Maxwell’s brother could easily have been left out. I just didn’t particularly like how it was handled or how it ended. 

Overall, this is really fun, laugh out loud series I can’t get enough of! It’s full of amazing characters and romantic chemistry. I can’t wait to dive into the next book soon!

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