Friday Favorites: Bookish Shops

These are some of my absolutely favorite bookish shops!

I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite places not only to buy books, but to buy bookish items. I get asked a lot on Instagram where I buy my book sleeves, candles, etc so I thought this would be the perfect place to share some of the places I like to shop!


Fist up – some of my favorite places to buy books!


This is an audiobook site, similar to audible in both price and selection, EXCEPT – a portion of every book you buy goes directly to independent bookstores. If you want to sign up or check it out, feel free to use my referral code for an additional free audiobook!

Pros: Helps support small, independent shops!
ALC program for reviewers with over 1000 followers on any platform
Cons: Doesn’t have credit deals
No additional memberships (ie audible escape, etc)


Similar to libro, when you buy books through Bookshop, you’re giving your money directly to independent bookstores. The really cool thing about this site, is you can choose what stores to buy from. It’s an amazing way to support shops owned my marginalized groups. I personally always get my books from Semicolon in Chicago!

Pros: Helps support small, independent shops!
Cons: Longer shipping times

Book Sleeves

My biggest bookish addiction.

1. Ardent Admirations

This was the first shop I ever ordered book sleeves from and it’s still my all time favorite! It’s run by Jessica from Peace Love Books and all of her sleeves are impeccably made and absolutely adorable. She offers a ton of different size and right now she’s even selling masks!

Pros: Support a self owned business and fellow book reviewer
Beautiful prints and amazing quality!
Cons: These sell out fast! So make sure you’re ready to shop on release day

2. Happy Go Lovely Sleeves

This shop is owned by Rachel at @happygolovelysleeves on Instagram. I absolutely adore her books sleeves!! They come in 3 sizes and the larger 2 have a pocket in the front – which is my absolute favorite. She does huge releases a little less often but always has amazing seasonal prints. Definitely follow her on social media to stay up to date on when new stock is coming!

Pros: Beautiful prints + front pocket
Huge stock on release day
Cons: New releases less often
These sell out quickly!


Lots of different bookmark style options.

1. The Book Charm Shop

This bookmark shop is run by Kayla from Books and Lala and her mother. These are crystal & beaded wire bookmarks and they are EVERYTHING. These are the bookmarks that converted me to a bookmark user. I’ve been a dog ear-er my entire life but these are so stunning I can’t pass up any opportunity to use them.

Pros: Beautiful & Handmade
Support a fellow reviewer/creator!
Cons: They’re pricier than standard paper bookmarks

2. Rustic Pages Co

This bookish shop has a lot more than bookmarks! However I’ve personally only bought bookmarks from Kat. Everything else looks absolutely beautiful though! My favorite thing Kat makes are the bookshelf themed bookmarks – she does different ones for every season/holiday and I’m obsessed.

Pros: Support a fellow creator!
Lots of different bookish merch in one place
Cons: It’s run by one person, so releases are limited to what she is able to create (definitely watch for pre-sales!)

3. The Bookish Den

This shop sells the most beautiful engraved wood bookmarks! These bookmarks are so unique and even more beautiful in person. I love all the bookish, fandom, and seasonal releases!

Pros: Unique and handmade!
Large selection – there is something for everyone!
Cons: These are more a expensive material, so they are more expensive than standard paper bookmarks

4. SJWonderlandz

This is another shop that sells a lot more than just bookmarks – but I’ve personally only purchased bookmarks from Sara. I love that so many of her bookmark releases are themed and she’s done some of my favorite fandoms – Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, Alice, etc.

Pros: Affordable, beautiful paper bookmarks
Large selection
Lots of different bookish merch available
Cons: The bookmarks are made from a really high quality paper but they’re not laminated – so wear and tear will happen over time

Book Boxes

Book boxes aren’t usually my favorite – but I love these ones.

1. Book of the Month

BOTM has been called out this year but I honestly think they are one of the best subscriptions out there for what I’m looking to get out of a book box. I personally HATE surprises and have been disappointed by a lot of book subscription services. So I love that I get to pick my books and the box isn’t filled with merch I’ll never use.

I can’t speak on whether or not any changes they’re made are enough, that is not my place. And every month I’ve been reading the comments to see how other subscribers – specifically from POC readers – feel about the choices. I also try to be very conscientious about the books I pick up from them. Read diversely guys.

Pros: Get to choose your own books
Lots of new options every month!
Cons: Only available in the US (this is a BIG con and probably my least favorite thing about the service…)

2. Hello Lovely Box

Every month(ish) Hello Lovely does a pre-sale for boxes featuring different romance authors. The author(s) are announced ahead of time and listed on the pre-sale so you can make the decision if it’s something you might be interested in. This box also does exclusive covers and they ones I’ve received are absolutely stunning.

Pros: Exclusive editions
Unique and useful merch included in boxes
MULTIPLE box options available
Cons: These boxes can get pretty expensive (up to $100)

3. Baecrate

This is the sister company to Faecrate and is a romance themed book box! My favorite thing about this box is that the book inside is revealed around the 1st week of every month. So you can wait to see if you’re interested in the book before placing your order. They also do special edition boxes for big releases!

Pros: Sneak peeks & Reveals available before purchase
Really amazing & unique bookish items included in box!
Cons: They ship pretty late in the month so if it’s a book you want on release day, if probably won’t arrive in time.

I will be saving this as a link in my menu and plan to add to it over time! Let me know some of your favorite bookish shops below so I can check them out!


4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Bookish Shops

  1. I love BOTM! What did they get called out for?
    As for boxes with stuff, completely agree. I canceled all of my other bookish boxes except for Peace and Pages, because I have never been disappointed in their content. Awesome stuff that I use.
    Definitely going to check out those bookmark sites, thank you for this post! Love bookish items.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The diversity of their monthly choices was called into question. And their initial response was… not great. I can’t speak to whether or not the changes they’ve made is enough, that’s not my place. I’m just trying to be very conscientious about the books I’m picking when ordering from them.

      I hope you find something new you love! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you for letting me know! This month’s picks were pretty diverse, but I have only been getting the box for two months so we will see. Completely understand the conscientiousness. Hope you find something as well ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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