Book Review: A Rogue of One’s Own (A League of Extraordinary Women #2) by Evie Dunmore

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Title: A Rogue of One’s Own
Series: A League of Extraordinary Women #2
Author: Evie Dunmore
Genre: Historical Romance
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 448 Pages
Goodreads page

I received an ARC copy of this from Berkely via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


Lucie and her suffragists finally scraped enough money together to buy majority ownership of a publishing house and use it to in a coup against Parliament. But when her nemesis Lord Ballentine steps in and buys the other half, all their plans fall apart.

Lord Ballentine has his own reasons for owning the publishing house, but he agrees to give Lucie majority on one condition – one night in his bed. 
As the two try to outmaneuver each other, they learn there is “truth in what the poets say: all is fair in love and war…”


➸ POV: 3rd Person, Lucie & Tristan’s POVs

➸ Lucie Tedbury: Spinster, Closed-off, Leads the Oxford suffragists, Trying to buy a print house 

➸ Tristan Bellentine: 2nd Son to Earl of Rochester, Soldier in the British Army, Spent summers at Lucie’s family estate, New heir to the Earldom after his brother passed away

Content Warnings: Cheating, Abuse (including physical abuse of a child), Sexism & Misogyny, Death of a loved one, Animal death/abuse, Mental illness (undefined), Controlling & Manipulative behavior, PTSD

My Thoughts

While I overall enjoyed this follow up to Bringing Down the Duke, but I had some mixed feelings. In general, these weren’t my favorite characters of the series, but I thought the romance was fantastic. 

Since I have so many feelings I’m going to do this in list format. First up…

What I Liked

  1. I love how Evie Dunmore addresses sexism and misogyny in this series. She weaves real life events and articles and people throughout this which adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story. It really brings everything to life and packs a massive punch. 
  2. I LOVED the chemistry between these characters! I’m always down for an enemies to lovers romance and this one was so well done. This romance was so slow burn and it had me sweating. I definitely had all the butterflies every time these two interacted. The author really brought their connection to life.
  3. One of my favorite thing about Evie Dunmore’s romance is how high stakes her romances feel. One thing about romance is you know how the story ends. So sometimes the drama or conflict can feel manufactured. But that is definitely not the case with this series! I honestly had no idea how these characters were going to make their relationship work.

What I Didn’t Like

  1. I didn’t care for the games they played with each other… Tristan propositioning Lucie made me super uncomfortable and I just felt weird about them getting together that way. Since we’re inside Lucie’s head we aware of the fact that she actually wanted him, but it was still weird that she caved as an exchange for something. 
  2. And in general… I didn’t like Lucie. I was so frustrated with her actions for the majority of this book. She was so quick to judge and snap on everyone around her. Between her accusing Annabelle and then yelling AWFUL things at Tristan, I was just over her. She wasn’t without good qualities nor was she completely unbearable, but she’s definitely my least favorite of the group. 
  3. While I liked the slow burn romance, the pacing of this was a little off in my opinion. This story took awhile to get going for me and I struggled to stay invested during the first quarter. However I will say the last half of this absolutely flew by! 

Overall I enjoyed this sequel and LOVE this series. I can’t get enough of Evie Dunmore’s writing and I absolutely love this female friend group! While I had a couple of issues this particular book, I can’t begin explain how excited I am for Hattie’s story!!

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