Favorite Books of Summer!

Summer is just about over – these were my favorite books of the season!

Before I share my 7 (5 star) favorite books of the season I wanted to shout out some honorable mentions! I read a TON of 4/4.5 star books this summer. So these are definitely worth checking out!

Now here are my 5 favorite books of summer!!

I have full reviews up for almost all of these, so follow the links if you want to check out my full thoughts on any of these!

1. Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

This is my favorite thriller of the year so far! This had the best haunted house vibes and will definitely be making an appearance on a lot of recommendation lists next month.

2. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

This contemporary completely stole my heart. This is definitely a chunky monkey of a book, but the audiobook is fantastically narrated and had me so invested in this story. I just loved these characters and their romance so much.

3. The Year of the Witching by Alexis Henderson

Please add this to your spooky TBR!! This is another book I will be mentioning non-stop over the next month or so. This gave me all the spooky witchy vibes I’ve ever wanted. And Alexis Henderson just revealed that she is writing a sequel!!

4. Dear Emmie Blue by Lia Louis

What a surprise of a book. This book wasn’t on my radar at all until the publisher reached out to me about review. When they shared the synopsis I thought it sounded like a fun, summer contemporary. Y’all.. I sobbed. This book was absolutely fantastic.

5. Drive Me Wild by Melanie Harlow

I read Melanie Harlow’s previous series Cloverleigh Farms – which was a super sweet romance series that I enjoyed but never completely loved. But man did I love the start of this new series! This book read like a sexy Hallmark movie and I was living for it.

6. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

I just finished this earlier this month and any book that makes me sob happy tears immediately becomes a new favorite. The plot of this is really run, but where this book shines is in the amazing characters. I loved the main characters so much and grew so attached to them throughout this beautiful story.

7. Legendborn (Legendborn #1) by Tracy Deonn

Another really recent read that absolutely blew me away! This book is thick. And I was super intimidated to start in. But this book starts off with a bang and never slows down. I became completely immersed in this world of secret societies, magic, and lore. This is one of the most unique takes on Arthurian legend I’ve ever read, and I can’t recommend it enough!

What was your favorite book of summer??


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