Paranormal Romance Readathon TBR

Time for some paranormal romance reading!

So I wasn’t originally going to participate in this round of the readathon because I’m really trying to scale back on what I’m participating in.

But spoiler for this months wrap up – I’ve been struggling hard with this month’s TBR. I haven’t LOVED much of what I’ve been reading and I decided this was the perfect excuse to add in something I know I enjoy – paranormal romance.

So here are the details and what I hope to read!

The Info

This is hosted by Jess from Peace Love Books, Lisa, Lacey, Charles, De’siree, and Crystal.

It runs from October 30 – November 10.

And there’s a bingo board of prompts!

The Books

I didn’t really consider the bingo board much while making this TBR, I just picked from what I have on my shelves/kindle. But I’m actually knocking off quite a few prompts with these!

This was also crazy hard to narrow down! After consulting Goodreads I found that I had a TON of PNR on my physical/kindle/audio TBRs. I got it down to these 8 books I’m most excited about – 3 are e-books, 3 physical, and 2 audiobooks.

I’m hoping to read at least 4 of these!

1. Wolf Gone Wild (Stay a Spell #1) by Juliette Cross

I picked this up on Kindle Unlimited after seeing the sequel pop up on Netgalley. All I really know is it’s mortal enemies, werewolf, witch romance.

2. Blood of Zeus (Blood of Zeus #1) by Meredith Wild & Angel Payne

I came across this indie published paranormal romance series while browsing through Goodreads New Releases. I believe this is a romance between a undergraduate student who is a demon and her professor who is possibly the descendant of a god? Maybe? I don’t know but I’m always down for a forbidden romance. Nonetheless one that is also paranormal!

3. Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

I’ve been super hyped to give this paranormal series a try! This seems to a pretty polarizing book/series so I’m really inserted to see how I feel about this. This follows a siren who has owes The Bargainer repayment for the many favors he’s granted.

4. Archangel’s Storm (Guild Hunter #5) by Nalini Singh

This is easily one of my favorite paranormal series and I’m excited to continue on! This follows a world were Archangel’s rule and have armies of lesser angels and vampires to help protect their territories. This particular book follows Jason (who is one of Raphael’s Seven) and his romance with the daughter of an Archangel.

5. Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1) by J.R. Ward

This is a classic paranormal romance so I won’t dwell on it much. I own the first 3 books in this series and really want to give them a try soon. This series follows a group of power vampires known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood and their romances.

6. Vision of Heat (Psy-Changeling #2) by Nalini Singh

Another Nalini Singh book because she’s just my favorite. I 5 starred Psy-Changeling (the first book in this series) earlier this year so I really want to carry on! This series follows shape shifters and psychics.

7. The Romeo Catchers (The Casquette Girls #2) by Alys Arden

This is a YA paranormal series I started in September. I found the 2nd book on audio so I’d really like to carry on with it if possible. So this might be my audiobook for the week. It follows the descendants of a powerful witch covenant who trapped a group of deadly vampires in a convent attic.

8. White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Is any paranormal romance TBR complete without a JLA book? This is another option for an audiobook this week. It’s another YA paranormal series, this one following gargoyles and demons.

Let me know if you’re participating in this round of the PNR readathon!


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