Favorite New-To-Me Authors!

These are amazing authors I discovered in 2020!

Tomorrow I’m sharing some of new favorite Debut Authors – so none of those will be on this list. This list is all authors who debuted prior to 2020 but I only recently discovered.

I read a lot of authors for the first time this year, and found some new all time favorites. Definitely check out these amazing authors and their backlists!

1. Jennifer L. Armentrout

JLA jumped from 0 to my most read author of all time this year 😅 I could NOT stop binging her books! I kicked off the year binging the Covenant series and from there I was hooked. I’ve now read that series, the entire Dark Elements series and all the currently released books in the Blood and Ash series as well as The Harbinger series. And I’m working my way through Lux as we speak! If you’ve been sleeping on JLA like I was, definitely check out her massive backlist asap!!

2. Katee Robert

It’s hard to believe I only discovered Katee Robert this year! I absolutely fell in love with her steamy romances and devoured quite a few of them. If you’re looking for your next favorite romance author who pulls absolutely zero punches, definitely check her books out.

3. Sarah MacLean

I fell hard for historical romance this year. And this series was what started it all! I adore Sarah MacLean’s characters – especially her female characters. Everyone in here is so strong and independent. I just couldn’t get enough. I already own a few of her other backlist series so I can’t wait to read those before her new series releases later in 2021!

4. Lisa Kleypas

Lisa Kleypas was another HR author that started my love for the genre. I fell hard for The Ravenels series and definitely need to finish it up next year! Kleypas is an icon in the genre and for good reason. Her writing is so witty and I can’t get over her romances.

5. K.J. Sutton

This series was definitely hyped in 2020 and for good reason! It’s dark, unique, and pulls not punches. I love the characters, the romances, they secrets, everything. Kelsey is an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see where she takes this series!! I’m completely hooked!

What authors did you discover this year??


11 thoughts on “Favorite New-To-Me Authors!

  1. I tried to read the Lux books a few years back, but just couldn’t get into them! This year I tried From Blood & Ash and was OBSESSED, maybe it’s time to give them another try!! Glad you found some awesome books and authors this year! ♥♥


  2. I picked up Katee Robert because I saw her on your blog, very happy I did! So far I’ve only read two of her works, but will definitely read more!


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