2020 Goal Check In!

Here’s how my 2020 goals went.

At the end of last year I set a few specific goals in a couple different categories. I did quite a few monthly check ins throughout the year. But I definitely fell off that bandwagon toward the end of 2020.

Overall I did pretty well sticking to my goals – especially considering how off the rails the rest of 2020 went….

Blog/Social Media Goals

1. Reach 2k on my Bookstagram

But I’m extremely close!! As I’m writing this I just passed 1940. So hopefully I’ll hit this in early 2021!

2. Reach 500 subscribers here ♥

Oh man this year y’all blew me away. I’m now past 600 subscribers and I love you all so much. Thank you to everyone who reads my rambley posts and gushes about books with me ❤️❤️

3. Post at least 5 times a week – both on my blog and Bookstagram!

I was definitely all over the map with consistency this year. But I’m cutting myself some slack, because my mental health was equally as sporadic. I’ve definitely upped my game recently so hopefully that momentum carries on!

Reading Goals

1. Read 100 books

I read nearly 200 books this year. Which is absolutely wild.

2. Read (at least) 1 BOTM book per month

I didn’t necessarily read 1 every month, but I finished 10 BOTM books this year and unhauled 4 more. So I’m not mad about that!

3. Backlist TBR

So originally I created a list of 24 backlist titles to prioritize. But I ended up dropping that super quick because I lost interest in about half of them 😅 So I didn’t actually follow through with this.

4. Read outside my comfort zone

I’m counting this as a win because overall I read quite a bit from new genres this year. I wanted to do more but small victories in 2020. And I discovered my love for historical romance!

5. Romanceopoly

I actually should probably count this. I don’t know. I was doing this challenge for the first half of the year and made a pretty solid dent. But I just kind of lost interest so I wrapped it up early.


1. ARC Schedule

Technically I did this! I did not do great with sticking with it the last few months however. Like I said earlier, my mental health took some unexpected dives, so there were definitely some fail points throughout the year.

2. Review every book I read in 2020

I might have a couple lingering RTC on Goodreads, but overall I reviewed almost every single one of the 200 books I read this year. Definitely not doing full length reviews like that in 2021 though. Holy burn out 😅

3. Hit 80% on Netgalley! 


4. Be more consciences about ARC requests

Okay 2021 is my year.

How did your 2020 goals go?? Did you hit any big milestones?


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