Christmas Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

Can I find this Christmas-y things on my shelf?

This scavenger hunt is from Hailey in Bookland’s 2019 Bookmas event. And I thought it would be so much fun to try and do this year! Also, if you haven’t checked out her 2020 Bookmas videos, definitely head over to her channel and give them a watch!

I tried to do this with books actually on my shelves rather than just my Goodreads shelf.

Let’s get into the challenges!

1. A book set during Christmas

Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

This holiday romance takes place during a snowstorm in NYC in the few days leading up to Christmas.

2. Five cold words

3. A red and green book cover

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

This is the closest I could find 😅 They’re not very holiday shades but it totally counts!

4. A character with a festive name

Wrapped Up In You by Jill Shalvis

I figured a holiday book would be an easy bet! The heroine in her is named Ivy Snow.

5. A festive object

I have holiday book sleeves and this snowman mug sitting on my shelves!

6. A book with baking in it

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow

I’m cheating a little with this one. This in on my Kindle, not my bookshelf. But the heroine is trying to open a bakery so it was the first thing that came to mind.

7. A book cover with a wintery scene

Dead Voices by Katherine Arden

This books takes place during a snow storm and the cover is super stormy and snowy.

8. A book cover with silver and gold

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

I feel like this is the most obvious choice but I scoured my shelves and couldn’t find anything else with both gold and silver on it.

9. A book that was a gift

What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner

I got this amazing romance duet for Christmas last year

10. A title that describes how Christmas shopping feels

A Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn


11. Spell Santa Claus using book titles

Star Daughter
An Anonymous Girl
No Exit
Tools of Engagement
Among The Beast and Briars

Call Down the Hawk
Love Lettering
All Your Perfects
Ugly Love

If you want to this fun scavenger hunt, consider yourself tagged!


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