Weekly Tarot Card Book Recommendations

Weekly tarot recs are returning! ♥

NOTE: I have links to places you can purchase these books – these are NOT affiliate links! While I do receive ALC copies from Libro.fm, I do not receive anything if you purchase from them.

However, if you would like to start an Libro.fm account, you can use my referral link for 1 free audiobook!

The Concept

I originally got this idea from Ariel Bissett! So if you haven’t seen her video, definitely head over to her channel.

This is a 3 card spread and you can play along one of two ways:

  1. Chose one of the 3 cards that speaks to you. Don’t over think it, just chose which ever one your gut is telling you to.
  2. View this as virtual weekly or 3 card spread! A 3 card spread can be read many ways but the most common interpretations are:
    • Past, Present, Future
    • Mind, Body, Spirit
    • You, Me, Us
    • Stop, Start, Continue

UPDATES: One of the things I’m changing this year is I’ll be including some video/story footage over on my Instagram. So if you want to watch that or pick a card over video, the story will be saved to a highlight all week ❤️

The Spread

Now is the time to pick a card! I’ll read the cards from Left to Right. So feel free to skip to the card you pick or read them all!








Card 1: ‘The Past’

The first card is: EIGHT OF CUPS

This card represents stagnation. It’s a call to walk away and start anew. Set your eyes to the horizon and walk away from what no longer serves you. Strenght and courage are needed to face the unknown ahead


I know the holidays are over but I couldn’t help but recommend –

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

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Audiobook Copy

This book is all about having the courage to make big changes. In this adult rom-com we follow a woman who feels stuck in her life. She’s living at home with her parents, hates her job, and has no love life to speak of. Then after a disastrous holiday with those she loves most, she makes a plea to the universe to help her discover what will make her happy. And she finds herself reliving the Christmas holiday over and over. It’s a great story about self acceptance and discovery as well as a really sweet and swoony friends to lovers romance.

Card 2: ‘The Present’

The second card is: SEVEN OF PENTACLES

This is a time of contemplation. You’ve been working hard, but it feels like nothing has come from your efforts. Payoff is coming, success is around the corner. Now is the time to set goals and focus on what you want to achieve.


I know I’ve recommended this one before, but it just fits this card so perfectly.

Head Over Heels by Hannah Orenstein

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Audiobook Copy

Head over heels follows an ex-gymnast who is struggling to find what comes next for her after her Olympic dreams are dashed. She back home with her parents when a man from her past, Ryan, reaches out and asks her to help him coach an Olympic hopeful. For the first time ever, Avery has to decide what she wants to do with her life. All while sparks fly between her and Ryan. This book is hard hitting in a way I wasn’t expecting. Avery faces a lot of decision many of us struggle with – what does she want to do with her life? Where does she see herself in 5 years. All against the backdrop of an intense scandal that rocked the gymnastics world.

Card 3: ‘The Future’

The final card is: 8 OF SWORDS

Obstacles lay all around you. You may be feeling trapped, isolated, and restricted. This is a period of consequences and judgement. But only you have the power to break away and move ahead!


Don’t let this unfortunate cover fool you.

The Roommate by Rosie Danan

Purchase Physical Copy
Audiobook Copy

This is another book following a main character who is struggling to define what she wants out of life. Clara up and moved out of her comfortable East Coast life when her lifelong crush invites her to move to California. Only to be left living with a total stranger when he abandons her. Now she has a degree she’s not using, an intense family breathing down her neck, and an alarmingly attractive stranger living across the hall. Clara might become her family’s biggest scandal yet when she teams up with sexy roommate in a project to help woman achieve better sex. This book is laugh out loud funny, steamy, and has great discussions about sex workers. Like the other books on this list is also has a heroine trying to get out of a life that feels suffocating and discover what lies ahead.

As long as this year doesn’t get too out of hand, these recs will be weekly occurrences again. I’m excited for the new format and getting back to weekly book recommendations.

In the comments, let me know what card you chose and if the meaning/recommendation fit you!


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