Favorite Christmas Episodes

For Blogmas day 11 I’m listing 10 of my favorite Christmas episodes from some of my all-time favorite shows!


When I came up with the idea for this post I was so excited to rewatch a bunch of holiday episodes of my favorite shows. But man.. I didn’t really consider how many there were and how much time that would take haha.

These are some of my favorite shows of all time, I highly recommend checking some of them out!

1. Happy Endings: Grinches be Crazy

First of all, it’s a travesty that this show was cancelled after only 3 seasons. If you haven’t checked this out do yourself a favor, close this window, and head over to Hulu. In this episode one of the main characters agrees to play Santa to earn some cash. But the real plot line winner is Jane & Brad accidentally giving their cleaning lady their vacation money.

2. Full House: A Very Tanner Christmas

There’s a few Full House holiday specials but this one is my favorite. It has it all – consumerism/gift obsession, a big fight, classic full house apology moments, a Christmas party. And the end when Jess fills the backyard with snow for Rebecca is so dang precious.

3. How I Met Your Mother – How Lily Stole Christmas

I could pretty much watch this show on loop and never tire of it (which I kind of do). This episode is so festive and I dream of having my house look as Christmas-y as this.

4. Friends – The One With the Holiday Armadillo

This episode is laugh out loud funny, so pro-tip: don’t watch this episode at work. In this episode Ross is trying to teach his Christmas obsessed son about Hanukkah and hilarity ensues.

5. New Girl – Santa

Oh man this episode is another episode to avoid watching in public. The group is attending as many holiday parties as they can the night before they all break off for their family holidays. I just love these character so much and watching Jess run into the glass windows might be one of the funniest scenes of all time. Plus the adorable ending scene with the world’s worst Christmas carolers is just precious.

6. Scrubs – My Own Personal Jesus

This is another all-time favorite show. Turk is struggling to maintain his spirits after working the Christmas Eve shift at the hospital. It mixes a sweet message with classic Scrubs’ humor perfectly.

7. Gilmore Girls – Forgiveness and Stuff

Gilmore Girls always reminds me of Fall and Winter – “I smell snow”. In this episode Rory is attending Emily & Richard’s annual Christmas dinner sans Lorelei. But Richard ends up being rushed to the hospital bringing the whole family together.

8. Doctor Who – A Christmas Carol

This was hands down the hardest one for me to choose. My first instinct was to go with The Time of the Doctor because it completely broke my Matt Smith fangirl heart. But a lot of this episode relies on knowing the rest of his episodes. So instead I chose A Christmas Carol because it can stand totally on it’s own. This is a lose Christmas Carol retelling (obviously) with fun, sci-fi twist.

 9. Ammends – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Okay so this definitely isn’t your traditional Christmas episode, but Buffy is my favorite show of all time so I found a way to sneak it in. Angel’s inner demon shows him the ghosts/victims of his past so this has slight Christmas Carol vibes. Plus it ends with Southern California Christmas snow miracle!

10. The O.C – The Chrismukk-huh?

Last but not least! I know I’m of the unpopular opinion here, but I chose this over the other (albeit more festive) Christmukkah episodes because this one doesn’t include Marissa. And I love Taylor. This is another retelling, this time for It’s a Wonderful Life. Plus it has a young Chris Pratt as a guest start! So double win.

Do you rewatch holiday episodes of your favorite shows? What are some of your favorite specials?



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