Rereadathon Announcement!

I’m SO excited about today’s post!! Because today is the announcement for the rereadathon!


This is the 2nd round of the rereadathon, started by the lovely Merphy Napier. And this round I’m one of the blogger hosts!!

When is it

This round of the Rereadathon is running from March 10-16th.

Who is Hosting

Each day there will be 3 hosts – 1 blogger, 1 Bookstagrammer, and 1 Booktuber. And each of those hosts will be running a giveaway on their platform! So definitely check out all the hosts to follow along each day for chances to win fun bookish things!

My giveaway will be running on March 12th and we’ll be talking about a new favorite book you want to reread! So check back then to find out how to win ♥

The Challenges

There are a total seven challenges but you definitely don’t have to read seven books!  You can double or triple up the challenges, or skip them completely!  This is all for fun, so read as much or as little as you want.

  1. Give a Book a Second Chance
  2. A Recent Favorite
  3. An Old Favorite
  4. Game Changer: A book that open your eyes to a genre
  5. Underrate/Unpopular Book
  6. Childhood Favorite
  7. Popular Book

For more Rereadathon info, definitely check out Merphy’s announcement here and follow the ReReadaton on Twitter! Reading sprints will be hosted throughout that whole week so definitely come read with us there!

And here is a full list off all the hosts!

I’m so excited to be a host for this readathon! It’s definitely no secret I’m readathon obsessed haha. Let me know below if you plan to participate!!


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