Eleanor & Grey Review



Title: Eleanor & Grey
Brittainy C. Cherry
Ebook, 398 pages
Goodreads page

Oh man I have to give this 5 stars based on the amount of tears I shed alone 😭😭❤

Still here, Grey. Still here.


Eleanor and Greyson met as teenagers while Eleanor was going through a difficult time. After her family moves across the country, Eleanor and Grey grew apart for the next 15 years. Now Eleanor is back in their home state, and just landed a new nanny job. And her new boss is her old flame, Grey. But Grey has changed since the tragic death of his wife.

Love wasn’t only real because people said it out loud. No, love just kind of sat there quietly, in the shadows of the night, healing the cracks that lived on our hearts


This was my first Brittainy C. Cherry book and I plan to pick up every one I can get my hands on. This book broke me. I was sobbing multiple times during this book.

This book is told in 2 parts. The first half is the story of Eleanor and Grey in high school and the second half is them as adults.

Content Warnings: Cancer, death, depression, grief

Keep living for me and know that it has been the greatest honor being your mother. I am so lucky to have loved you.

What I Liked

  1. Eleanor’s parents. I dream of being a parent duo like them. I love representations of healthy, loving adult relationships in books. And Eleanor’s parents were so dang precious. They were funny, caring, and clearly madly in love. I grew really attached to her mother so quickly.
  2. The connection between Eleanor and Grey was so beautiful. They supported each other through the most tragic and difficult events of their lives.
  3. This book covered some really heavy topics. But it did it all with such care and consideration. The story felt both respectful and hopeful.
  4. Brittainy C. Cherry’s writing completely pulled me into the story. From page one I completely invested in these characters and their lives. Her writing was captivating and heartfelt.

What I Didn’t Like

There honestly wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this story.

I can’t wait to pick up another Brittainy C. Cherry book. This book broke my heart and then rebuilt it. I highly, highly recommend picking this up if you’re looking for a heartfelt, precious romance.


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