Easter Book Tag

Happy Easter weekend!!


This tag was originally created by Rosie at Rosie the Reader over on YouTube, but I found this on Pinot and Pages’ blog and it seemed like the perfect post for today! 😊

1. Rabbits: A Book You Wish Would Multiply




I absolutely love this book!! But the sequel isn’t being released until Spring of 2020 😭 My poor heart can’t wait. I need to know what happens next!

2. Egg: A Book that Surprised You




This book totally took me by surprise! I was expecting a light, fun romance but I couldn’t stop laughing out loud and smiling while listening to this audiobook.

3. Hunt: A Book That Was Hard For You To Get Your Hands On




I’m not sure why but this book is impossible to find… And this edition is atrocious but finding a matching copy in paperback has proved to be impossible. So I’ve given up 😅

4. Lambs: A Children’s Book You Still Enjoy




I owned this as child and literally never read it. But 3 years ago I bought a new copy and finally read it! It was a really sweet, heartwarming story!

5. Spring: A Book’s Cover That Makes You Think Spring




All the florals on this cover give me hardcore spring vibes. Confession: I still haven’t read this… magical realism isn’t really my genre but I’ve heard such good things, I keep holding onto this.

6. Baskets: A Book That’s In Your Amazon Cart/Wishlist




I was just talking to Joee from booksandacupofjoee on Instagram about this book and immediately went and added it to my cart! I’ve heard great things so I’m excited to start this!

7. Candy: A Book That’s Sweet




This is the only book I’ve read by Jenn Bennett but I’ve heard her other books are really sweet as well. This is an adorable, sweet, YA, contemporary romance. I mean just look at that precious cover.

Consider yourself tagged if you’d like to participate! Have a happy Easter if you’re celebrating!


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