Halloween Planner Flip Through

Every season (ish) I change the setup of my personal planner. I absolutely in love with my Halloween setup so I wanted to share it here!


Just a heads up, this post is quite long. I use this planner for all aspects of my life so she is chuuunky!

The Details

I make all of this stuff myself. I used this paper pack from Michaels (unfortunately it’s sold out….)


And this and this clipart to make diecuts and stickers.

My planner is Foxy Fix personal wide ring bound planner and I use B6 ring inserts. (NOTE: Only the snap enclosure planners fit B6 inserts. The Folio will be too small and you’ll need to use Personal Wide inserts.)

My favorite insert shops are:

If you have any questions about any particular items just leave it in the comments below and I’ll send you a link to the item or shop!

My Setup

Front Dashboard

All my dashboards have rounded corners, tabs, and are laminated so they last longer. It is a super long process – this setup took me about 3 days to finish. But I think it’s totally worth it.


Weekly/Daily Inserts



These are for my daily plans, to do lists, and work schedule.

Blog Dashboard

I have 3 “main” dashboards. The first is my Blog section. Under each main section I have “minor” sections that fall under the main category.




This is where I put all my random blog ideas. It’s just a standard grid that I break into 3 sections for each grid. These are just some empty ones because I don’t want to give away any of my upcoming ideas 😉




This is where I try and plan out my blog posts for each month. I set this up pretty early as a guide line so it’s definitely not always accurate by the end of the month but that’s okay. I actually have another planner I use to actually plan out my posts weekly – that planner is just pencil and marker. If you’re interested, I can always share that one in another post!

To Do



This is where I list out all the posts I need to write from week to week. That way if I have some free time I can write some upcoming posts.





This is where I track Instagram stats and photo challenges! I also have my weekly TBR here.

Books Dashboard

This is my second main dashboard.


Longterm TBRs


This is where I track my longterm or monthly TBRs. As you can see I totally failed September 😂




This is where I track the release dates for all my arcs.





I have dot/standard grid pages for each of my one million readathons. I have the dates, challenges, TBRs, and trackers for each one. This month, this section is THICK 😅




This is my month tracker. It’s where I log what I read, the rating, and whether or not I reviewed it. I also keep track of the books I buy so my haul posts are easier to write.

Personal Dashboard

This is my last main dashboard! It’s where I keep track of personal/home things.




I have a ton of running lists going – Target, craft stuff, random groceries, name changing info, etc. It’s just a catch-all for things I need to keep track of.

Self Care



This is essentially a glorified habit tracker page. It’s broken down into sections – morning, afternoon, evening, bedtime, and self care. I also keep track of my meals during the week.




This is my meal planner and grocery list.

Back Dashboard

This is the back of my planner. There is a pocket on the right side where I store my weekly sticker kit.


That’s my planner setup!! I love the pink fall/Halloween vibes and honestly might keep it for a bit after Halloween 😅 Let me know if you have any questions about of the items I didn’t mention!


5 thoughts on “Halloween Planner Flip Through

  1. Oh my gosh… this is the CUTEST thing ever!!!! It must take so much time to set up, but what a fun and beautiful little hobby!! I love those bow paper clips that stick out the top 🙂

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