Book Review: The Babysitters Coven by Kate Williams



Title: The Babysitters Coven
Kate Williams
Young Adult, Fantasy
Hardcover, 368 pages
Goodreads page


Esme Pearl loves being a babysitter. But she knows something strange is going on when the new girl, Cassandra Heaven, shows up practically begging to be in the babysitters club.

As Esme and Cassandra get to know each other, they learn they have a lot more than babysitting in common – they also come from a long line of women with magical powers. And now they have to use those powers to defeat a dark, terrifying evil.


➸ POV – 1st person from Esme’s PO

➸ Esme Pearl – 17, High School Student, Babysitter, “Sitter”

➸ Cassandra Heaven – New Girl, “Sitter”, Lives with brother, Dion, Lost parents years and grew up in foster care

Content Warnings: Death of a parent, Kidnapping, Foster system, Mental Illness (and frequent use of the word “crazy”)

My Thoughts

This was a fun read! I honestly don’t have a ton of thoughts on this though because this book was just a fun, light read. It didn’t take itself too seriously, and the plot was trope filled and basic. But if you’re looking for a witchy good time, this book is exactly what you need!

While this book definitely requires the reader to suspend their disbelief in portions – the surprise powers, the strange spell ingredients and casting rituals, the portals – I felt like the quirkiness matched the with the whole “Babysitters Club” vibe. The 80’s were over the top so it felt apt to write this lose retelling in a similar manner.

This does read on the younger side – there is a ton of slang and references I didn’t understand (as a 30 year old). And the characters read like actual teens – they made questionable choices, talked like teenagers, and (shock!) needed adults. But it was honestly refreshing to read a YA actually geared toward the intended audience.

My actual one complaint was the frequent use of the word “crazy”. Esme’s mother has an unnamed mental illness but everyone refers to her as “crazy” – which I didn’t really appreciate. I felt like this could have been handled in a more respectful way.

Overall I had a good time reading this book. It wasn’t life changing but it had a decent plot and lots of witchy, 80’s vibes that I enjoyed. The female leads are strong and independent without reading unrealistic. I’m definitely interested in continuing on with this series to see where this story goes!



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