Book Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller



Title: The Shadows Between Us
Author: Tricia Levenseller
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Edition/Pages: Ebook, 405 pages
Goodreads page

The Slytherin romance of my dreams

I received this as an ARC from Feiwel & Friends via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review


Alessandra has been overlooked her entire life. But now that her sister is married, she has plans:

  1. Woo the King
  2. Marry Him
  3. Kill him and take the kingdom for herself


➸ POV: 1st Person from Alessandra’s POV

➸ Alessandra Masis: Younger sister, 18, Always looked over, Wild Child, Conniving, Seductress

➸ Shadow King: 19, King, Parents were murdered, Mysterious shadow powers surround him, Forbidden to be touched

Content Warnings: Murder, Death, Violence

My Thoughts

This was so close to a perfect 5 star!! I picked this book up after work and absolutely could not put it down until I finished. Everything about this book was captivating and never wanted it to end. I’m going to try and form a coherent review, but forgive me if all I do is gush unintelligently.

This romance was everything I didn’t even know I needed. These 2 characters are so flawed (evil), power hungry, and conniving. And I wanted nothing more than to see them together ruling the world. This book described itself as a “Slytherin Romance” and let me tell you, it delivered.

I loved the enemies-to-friends-to-lovers slow burn romance. It really gave the reader the ability to become attached to the characters and by the time they got together, I was begging for it. There was so much build up and I really felt and believed their connection. And the addition of the shadows was absolutely brilliant. What a genius way to add copious amounts of sexual tension.

Alessandra was a BA, female queen. Her character was so snarky and strong willed and I loved it. I loved how she questioned women’s role and pushed boundaries. She is highly flawed and arrogant, but for some reason I loved her even more because of it. She was feminine and intelligent, power-hungry and creative. It was so wonderful seeing a female character who had it all.

This book was so close to perfection for me. But the last 6% was just a little too melodramatic for my taste. I needed 1 less thing. It was so much, so quickly, and it felt muddled and rushed. I think if one thing had been taken out, the ending would have flown better. (I have a very particular opinion here if you’ve read this and want my spoiler-y opinion check out my Goodreads review).

Overall this was one of my new all time favorite Fantasy Romances! As soon as I finished this I wanted to start it back over. And honestly I might now that I have a final copy in my hands. This romance had me to invested and absolutely swooning. I can’t wait to read more from this author!!


9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

  1. This book is one of my favorite reads of 2020! You’re right, there was a lot of things that happened in the end rather quickly, but I loved that it was about Alessandra trying to kill the king rather than just marry him.

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