Most Read Authors

These are my most read authors!


1. Sarah J. Maas: 12

This one wasn’t surprising in the least. I’ve read every book by Sarah J. Maas other than the DC Catwoman thing she wrote. Because superheroes are not my thing. I’m utter trash for Fae and SJM.

2. Kandi Steiner: 7

Kandi is an all-time favorite romance author and I’m so glad she’s on this list. The What He Doesn’t Know duet is my favorite series by her but the Becker Brothers is definitely a close second! If you haven’t checked out these romances yet, I highly recommend!

3. Teagan Hunter: 7

Another romance author I’m so glad made this list! I honestly cannot get enough of Teagan Hunter’s books. She is my favorite low angst, rom-com author. I love the humor and banter mixed with a super sweet but steamy romances.

4. Marissa Meyer: 6

I binged the entire Lunar Chronicles series a couple years back then immediately picked up Heartless. I didn’t love Heartless unfortunately and none of Marissa Meyer’s recent works have interested me (again I don’t like superheroes).

5. Elle Kennedy: 6

I totally almost missed this author because Goodreads filed the Him series under Sarina Bowen. But I LOVE Elle Kennedy’s romances! I’ve also heard good things about her romantic suspense series but for now I’ve stuck to the hockey romances. Definitely more my speed.

6. RS Grey: 5

Hands down the biggest shock on this list! How have I read so many RS Grey books?.. Here’s the thing. R.S. Grey writes really short, rom-coms that are all available on Hoopla or Audible Escape. So they’re easy reads for when I’m working or for challenges like Romanceopoly. But I very rarely actually like her books… I’ve only enjoyed one of the 5 I’ve read (Coldhearted Boss). All of the other books received 2-3 stars. But for some reason I keep picking them up…

7. Taylor Jenkins Reid: 5

I consider TJR my all-time favorite author as she’s the author I’ve read and love the most non-series novels by. I just can’t get enough of her books. I still haven’t read Daisy Jones because I’m really nervous about not liking it…

8. Lexi Ryan: 5

Another favorite romance author! While I didn’t like Spinning Out, the other two series are absolutely amazing! I’m actually finally continuing on with the Boys of Jackson Harbor series this month since I picked up the physical copies of the first 2 books.

9. Maggie Stievfater: 5

Maggie Stievfater made the list by a technicality since I’ve only read The Raven series plus the novella. But I included her anyways because I absolutely love this series and I do have The Dreamers series on my TBR!

10. Katherine Arden: 4

There are actually a few authors who I’ve read 4 books from. But I chose Katherine Arden for this list because she is my favorite of the bunch and was the only one I’d read more than 1 series from. I highly, highly recommend both the Small Spaces series and The Winternight Trilogy! I’m completely in love with both.

Who are some of your most read authors? Do we have any in common?


6 thoughts on “Most Read Authors

  1. Quite interesting! Thanks for the list. Also, I love the name of your blog—As a hardcore planner and reader, I was immediately drawn to it, haha. -Neri

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  2. Ooh this was interesting to see! SJM would definitely also be on mine, I have read her Catwoman book, but am still in the middle of House of earth and blood!



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