Book Review: Every Little Promise (Orchid Valley #0.5) by Lexi Ryan



Title: Every Little Promise
Series: Orchid Valley #0.5
Author: Lexi Ryan
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: E-ARC
Goodreads page

I received this as an ARC from the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review


Marston and Brinley haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Brinley pushed Marston away, and he hasn’t returned since. Now a successful business man, Marston still can’t get Brinley out of his head. But she’s also the last person he expected to see while in Vegas for work. Now they have one night together and they’re determined to make it memorable.


➸ POV: This is told in dual timelines – present day and 11 years in the past – and 1st person from Marston & Brinley’s POVs.

➸ Marston Rowe: 27, Mother was an addict, Lived with his Aunt Lori, Helps save businesses

➸ Brinley Knox: 26, Family Owns Knox Distillery, Manages a day spa she wants to own

Content Warnings: Cancer, Death of a loved one, Drug Addiction, Anxiety

My Thoughts

Lexi Ryan is one of my favorite romance writers and I swear I will forever love anything she writes. I usually don’t love romance novellas because I don’t feel like the relationship has enough time to develop. But the way this one was written just worked!

This is a second chance romance, so we get chapters set 11 years in the past when the characters first meet, and today as adults who haven’t seen each other since. Since they were so young when they first met, the insta-attraction felt natural and believable. And the chemistry between these two was beyond. I was in desperate need of a cold shower by the time I finished this short by steamy book.

I have no idea how Lexi Ryan made me fall in love with characters so quickly, but I desperate to be back in this world asap. I have no idea how I will make it until May for book 1.


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