Book Review: Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey



Title: Reborn Yesterday
Series: Phenomenal Fate #1
Author: Tessa Bailey
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 382 pages
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Ginny has always been an outcast. Growing up in a funeral home, she’s been called “Death Girl” her entire life. Now she is the director of the funeral home, living with her mother, and the outsider even in her dressmaking club. But when one of the bodies on her tables terrifyingly wakes up, she’s thrust into a secret, magical world.

Jonas knows he needs to wipe Ginny’s memory of him. But he feels a pull towards her and when he discovers someone is out to kill her, he vows to help. Their lives quickly become entangled, and the longer they’re together, the more difficult it becomes for Jonas to do what is necessary.


➸ POV: 3rd Person from Ginny and Jonas’s POVs

➸ Ginny Lynn: 24, Funeral Director, Loner, Dress Maker, Lost her father and lives with step-mother, Known as “Death Girl”

➸ Jonas Cantrell: “25”, Vampire, Lives with 2 roommates, Helps newly turned vampires

Content Warnings: Murder, Grief, Death of a loved one

My Thoughts

My feelings are definitely a little all over the place for this one. On one hand, I never wanted to put this book down. I was completely enthralled with the campy-ness of this and the characters. I was desperate to know where the story was going and ate up every word. But on the other, I was super underwhelmed by the world building and depth.

I really enjoyed each of these characters and parts of this had me literally laughing out loud. I also thought this had some really important themes – grief, loss, love, self-acceptance. I love a good found-family story and this definitely delivered on that aspect.

But at the end I just had this feeling of being underwhelmed. While I liked the characters, I thought they were fun and quirky, they didn’t really have much depth. They all had like one or 2 defining characteristics that were just hammered home over and over again. But my biggest issue was that I don’t understand this world or magic… like at all.

This book seemed to gloss right over world building. I’m all for a heavy romance point but I’m so confused about the rules of this world. What creatures are there? Why do some vampiric transformations fail? What is the hierarchy? How does The Order function/rule? What are their powers? Are they different for everyone? Is reincarnation a thing in this world? (view spoiler) I just have so many questions!!

Overall, this book was a good time. I flew through it and if you’re looking for a fast paced, fun PNR this is definitely a solid option. I just wasn’t blown away by this. I am however, looking forward to checking out the next book in this series. I’m really curious if some of my questions will be answered and world expanded on. But I also will just never get tired of Tessa Bailey’s steamy romances.


8 thoughts on “Book Review: Reborn Yesterday by Tessa Bailey

  1. I had my eyes on this one, but the more reviews are coming in the more I’m doubting that this book is for me. I think it’s interesting that you mention the missing world building. I imagine that world building is something that needs to be studied and practiced to be done well. But I also feel that most romance authors don’t care about the world-building and go straight for the romance :D. It’s the readers who have read fantasy before that feel that there is something missing, at least that’s my experience.

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    • I totally agree! It’s not something contemporary romance authors normally need to focus on! So I’m sure its difficult to balance when you’re so used to hopping straight into the romance.
      It’s a book I think I’d only recommend to people who really love Tessa Bailey or are new to paranormal romance. Otherwise I think it would be a little disappointing – it doesn’t quite live up to what else is out there.

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