Favorite TBR “Games” on Booktube!

TBR games are definitely trending on Booktube lately. Here are some of my favorites!

Part of the reason I love readathons so much is because of the really fun challenges that come along with them. Lots of Booktubers have been creating their own monthly challenges to help guide their TBRs and I absolutely love watching these videos!

These are some of my favorite current (and past) TBR games!

Becca’s Bookopoly

This was the first TBR game video I saw and it’s hands down one of my favorite! I have no idea how Becca manages to keep up with this the way she does but it is seriously impressive. I look forward to these videos every single month.

Jesse’s Deck of TBR

Seriously how are Booktuber’s so creative? Jesse created the most amazing deck of cards that has unique challenges on each card. Each month Jesse rolls a die (or 2) that tells them how many cards to pick. Then they try and complete the challenge on the cards they pick.

Heads up – Jesse has announced that they’re working with a designer to create cards that viewers can buy! Which is so flipping exciting!

Nori’s Cookie Jar

This is probably the cutest TBR game I’ve seen so far. I just love the little cookies Nori made that she pulls out of this jar each month. Each month she pulls a number of cookies – or TBR books – out of the jar and reads the selected books. It’s a such simple, SUPER cute way to get to those TBR books on your shelf.

Riley Marie’s TBR Jar

This is another TBR jar style video but instead of books, Riley has genres and prompts that she pulls each month. It’s just a simple but fun way to create a monthly TBR!

Jade’s TBR Pursuit

This is another insanely unique TBR game idea! It’s obviously based off the game Trivia Pursuit. But in this case, each color represents a genre and each card has a challenge prompt. Another one of my favorite videos to watch at the start of each month.

Library of Alexa’s TBR Games

So Alexa hasn’t done any TBR games for this year, but in 2019 she has some of the BEST challenges! One of my all-time favorites is the egg hunt she did for April. If you haven’t checked them out, definitely go watch that video, her D20 challenges, and the Carnival games!

Chelsea Palmer’s Goat Picks My TBR

I don’t know if this would quite be considered a “game” but I’m counting it anyways 😅 Chelsea lives on a farm and owns tons of adorable animals. And during the warmer months, she has her goats choose books for her TBR! It’s so much fun and who doesn’t love adorable goat content??

Ella’s Cluedo TBR

This is a brand new TBR game that I absolutely love!! Ella enlisted the help of her sister to play a game of Clue to pick her TBR. By reading books that fill the prompts, she gets a clue to help solve the mystery. It’s such a fun game and video so definitely go check out it out!

Codie’s Wheel of TBR

Last but not least, a TBR game classic! Codie’s wheel of TBR is iconic and it’s one of the videos I look forward to the most each month. Essentially each color on the wheel gets a prompt. Whatever prompt it lands on is added to the TBR and then replaced with a new prompt. I love this challenge and want my own beautiful wheel!

Definitely check out the channels I linked, not only are their TBR games amazing, but their content in general is 👌 So go watch their videos and give them all the love.

Let me know if you have any other TBR game videos you recommend!


8 thoughts on “Favorite TBR “Games” on Booktube!

  1. Some of these I haven’t seen – I need to go watch ASAP! TBR games are so much fun because you just never know what you’re going to get! I feel like I’m watching a gameshow whenever I watch Becca’s Bookopoly, so much fun 🥰

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