Book Review: It Takes Two to Tumble (The Sedgwicks #1) by Cat Sebastian

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: It Takes Two to Tumble
Series: The Sedgwicks #1
Author: Cat Sebastian
Genre: Historical Romance
Edition/Pages: Mass Market Paperback, 286 pages
Goodreads page


Ben is content with his quiet life as vicar engaged to his best friend. When he’s asked to help control the 3 wild Dacre children, he goes begrudgingly but quickly falls for the family. 

Phillip is a navel captain who feels more comfortable on the water than in his own home. He is grieving and dreading the next few months on shore, alone with his children. But Ben helps Phillip reconnect with his family and soon Phillip can’t get enough of the warm and friendly vicar. Once Phillip couldn’t wait to get back on his ship, but now both men are questioning their futures.


➸ POV: 3rd Person from Phillip & Ben’s POVs

➸ Phillip Dacre: Navel Captain, Father to 3 wild children, Wife recently passed away, Rarely home and considers his ship home, Strict and orderly

➸ Ben Sedgwick: Country vicar, Engaged, Tasked with reeling in the Dacre children, Unconventional childhood and family, Free and wild

Content Warnings: Death of a Loved One, Undiagnosed Illness, Grief, Homophobia

My Thoughts

Omg this book was beyond precious. I had a good feeling going into this book – it had amazing rating and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this author. I had never read an LGBT+ historical before and this was absolutely wonderful. 

Both main characters were so layered and engaged, I fell for both of them immediately. Even when Phillip is angry and standoffish at the beginning I couldn’t help but love him. Phillip has an amazing character arc where he learns to deal with his grief and acknowledge the walls he puts up to protect himself – in a time where society doesn’t accept who he is. In contrast, Ben is the most warm, inviting character. I loved how they made each other better and their chemistry was fantastic. 

I also really loved how this handled the fact that at this time society wouldn’t allow these two a HEA. While this definitely still has one, it looks a little different than your typical contemporary romance. I had no idea how these two were going to make their relationship work so the stakes felt really high the entire way through – and I was so anxious to find out how they could make being together happen. These are two characters you just can’t help but root for! I desperately wanted to reach into the book and protect them from their time’s reality. 

Everything about this just pulled on my heart strings. I loved this adorable little town, the wild Dacre children, watching Phillip fall back in love with his home, as well as the swoon worthy romance. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a historical or queer romance! Cat Sebastian’s writing is wonderful and I flew through this in 2 sittings. I can’t wait to dive into the sequel!


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