Historical Romance Weekend TBR

It’s round 2 of the Historical Romance readathon – but this time it’s only a weekend long!

The last round of this readathon was the start of my love for historical romance. So I had to find a way to participate in this next round.

The Details:

  1. Read Historical Romances
  2. Use the bingo board for prompts to guide your TBR
  3. This readathon is hosted by PeaceLoveBooksxo, RemarkablyLisa, and LaceyBooklovers
  4. The readathon runs from August 14-16

I’m not really planning to use this bingo board at all. I just want to read some of the historicals I have on my shelves/digital TBR.

Here’s what I’m hoping to read!

1. Devil in Spring (The Ravenels #3) by Lisa Kleypas

This is the next book in the Ravenels series which I started during the last round, so it only seems fitting to pick it back up this time. This book follows Pandora. I know literally nothing else about the plot 😅

2. Bringing Down the Duke (A Leave of Extraordinary Women #1) by Evie Dunmore

This historical romance was everywhere last year! I still haven’t managed to pick it up, but I have an arc of the sequel and need to finally get to this, this week! This series follows the first women admired to Oxford and I believe this first book is an enemies to lovers romance. That’s all I know!

3. A Rogue of One’s Own (A Leave of Extraordinary Women #2) by Evie Dunmore

I have an arc of this sequel and it releases on September 1st so I really want to get this read and reviewed asap!

4. An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

Oh look another book I know nothing about 🙈 This was recommend by Jess from PeaceLoveBooksxo and I wanted an audiobook so I grabbed this one on Scribd. I’ve heard amazing things about Alyssa Cole so I’m excited to give this one a read.

If you have any historical romance recommendations leave them for me in the comments!! I’m always looking for new ones to add to my shelves 😍


11 thoughts on “Historical Romance Weekend TBR

  1. There is nothing I love more than historical romance! I didn’t realize how out of control it got until I looked at my bookshelf (oops). I’ve read the first two on your list. Lisa Kleypas is easily my favourite and I’ve read all her stuff. The Ravenals, Hathaways, and Wallflowers series make me so happy. If you are just starting with her, I recommend reading all of these. You will not be disappointed. Also, Julia Quinn is worth a read. They are making her Bridgerton Series into a Netflix show. I spent this last spring reading all of those books (oops again — haha)!

    Loved Evie Dunmore and I am so jealous that you have an arc for the second. I have been counting down the days (cries impatient tears). I’ll definitely be looking into An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole!

    Another author I enjoy is Jillian Hunter who I discovered while roaming a used bookstore. Her books, in my experience, are a little harder to find. Her Boscastle Series is on the top of my list (another one based on family). If you like Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, and Tessa Dare, you will like her.

    I hope you enjoy these! Sorry for the long comment. Finding people who love historical romance as much as I do makes me the happiest of campers — lol. Happy reading! –Samantha

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    • OMG thank you so much for all the recommendations!! I will definitely be checking out Jillian Hunter ASAP!

      I’ve heard really good things about Julia Quinn too and had no idea her series was being adapted. I will definitely have to pick up that series soon so I can watch it ❤️❤️

      And I totally agree! It’s becoming more popular, but there’s definitely not as many HR readers in the bookish community as other genres ❤️

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  2. I just got my mystery box of historical romances in the mail today. Now I need to sit down and plan out my TBR for the historical romance readathon. This will be the first time I’m participating in it. I’m still really new to HR. I read my first one this year. I’ve have now read 3 at this point. Two Tessa Dare books and 1 Maya Banks book.

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