2020 Series TBR Reflection

Did I read all those series I added to my 2020 TBR?

Not entirely 😅

You can check out the original post from last year here if you want to see my original thoughts on these series. But around this time last year I made a post with 8 series I wanted to finish/catch up with in 2020. I did.. okay. Here’s what happened –


✅ – Completed!
◼️ – Started/Almost
❌ – Failed

◼️ 1. Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh

I’m counting this as an almost win. I didn’t quite catch up but I did finish another 7 books in this paramomal/urban fantasy, romance series. That leaves me with only 3 books left before I’m completely caught up!

✅ 2. Veronica Speedwell by Deanna Raybourn

I read the 4 remaining, currently released released books in the Veronica Speedwell series! I have an e-arc of book 6 in my possession I’m SO EXCITED. I love this series so much and it was so much fun to binge in 2020.

❌ 3. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Complete and utter fail. I attempted to read book 2 three and it just didn’t stick. I think I got to the halfway point… I enjoy this series while I’m reading but 2020 just wasn’t the year apparently. Maybe next time.

✅ 4. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

I completed this quartet! Escaping Houdini was my favorite of the series and Capturing the Devil was my least favorite 😅 So it was a mixed bag but overall I really enjoyed this series!

✅ 5. Boys of Jackson Harbor by Lexi Ryan

So technically I just finished the last book this week. But I’m counting it anyways! This series definitely had it’s ups and downs but overall this was fun romance series and I’m glad I was able to close it out.

◼️ 6. Becker Brothers by Kandi Steiner

Another one where I failed right at the finish line 😅 In my defense I was waiting all year for the final book to release to Audible Escape. Only for AE to be cancelled… Oops. I’ll definitely be wrapping this series up this year though.

✅ 7. Playbook by Alexa Martin

I’m all caught up!! I’m also praying that Alexa Martin graces up with 1 more book in this series. I desperately need Vonnies story!

❌ 8. Fake Boyfriend by Eden Finley

I actually decided to not continue with this series so I didn’t even attempt this one.

Were there any series you were hoping to finish in 2020? How did you do with your goal(s)?


9 thoughts on “2020 Series TBR Reflection

  1. My goal was to the finish the Trials of Apollo series and I finished it! 🙂 I also wanted to read the Throne of Glass series but I didn’t end up starting. So I’ll make that my goal for 2021!

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  2. I would say you did pretty well!
    I’m also rereading Throne of Glass with that readalong haha! Justfinished The Assassins Blade, and I’m reminded by how much I love this world!


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  3. Ahh I’m reading the first Mistborn book right now! Hoping to complete the series this year, but I could see myself getting kinda stuck in the middle of them and putting them down…here’s hoping!

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  4. You read so many good series this year! Angels Blood is on my tbr for this year too and I really hope to binge all of them lol. Right now I’m trying to binge the Brigerton books after watching the show on netflix! I also need to read Mistborn, another goal for 2021!! Great post and happy reading 🙂


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