2020 Series TBR Reflection

Did I read all those series I added to my 2020 TBR?

Not entirely 😅

You can check out the original post from last year here if you want to see my original thoughts on these series. But around this time last year I made a post with 8 series I wanted to finish/catch up with in 2020. I did.. okay. Here’s what happened –


✅ – Completed!
◼️ – Started/Almost
❌ – Failed

◼️ 1. Guild Hunter by Nalini Singh

I’m counting this as an almost win. I didn’t quite catch up but I did finish another 7 books in this paramomal/urban fantasy, romance series. That leaves me with only 3 books left before I’m completely caught up!

✅ 2. Veronica Speedwell by Deanna Raybourn

I read the 4 remaining, currently released released books in the Veronica Speedwell series! I have an e-arc of book 6 in my possession I’m SO EXCITED. I love this series so much and it was so much fun to binge in 2020.

❌ 3. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Complete and utter fail. I attempted to read book 2 three and it just didn’t stick. I think I got to the halfway point… I enjoy this series while I’m reading but 2020 just wasn’t the year apparently. Maybe next time.

✅ 4. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

I completed this quartet! Escaping Houdini was my favorite of the series and Capturing the Devil was my least favorite 😅 So it was a mixed bag but overall I really enjoyed this series!

✅ 5. Boys of Jackson Harbor by Lexi Ryan

So technically I just finished the last book this week. But I’m counting it anyways! This series definitely had it’s ups and downs but overall this was fun romance series and I’m glad I was able to close it out.

◼️ 6. Becker Brothers by Kandi Steiner

Another one where I failed right at the finish line 😅 In my defense I was waiting all year for the final book to release to Audible Escape. Only for AE to be cancelled… Oops. I’ll definitely be wrapping this series up this year though.

✅ 7. Playbook by Alexa Martin

I’m all caught up!! I’m also praying that Alexa Martin graces up with 1 more book in this series. I desperately need Vonnies story!

❌ 8. Fake Boyfriend by Eden Finley

I actually decided to not continue with this series so I didn’t even attempt this one.

Were there any series you were hoping to finish in 2020? How did you do with your goal(s)?


11 thoughts on “2020 Series TBR Reflection

  1. My goal was to the finish the Trials of Apollo series and I finished it! 🙂 I also wanted to read the Throne of Glass series but I didn’t end up starting. So I’ll make that my goal for 2021!

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  2. I would say you did pretty well!
    I’m also rereading Throne of Glass with that readalong haha! Justfinished The Assassins Blade, and I’m reminded by how much I love this world!


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  3. Ahh I’m reading the first Mistborn book right now! Hoping to complete the series this year, but I could see myself getting kinda stuck in the middle of them and putting them down…here’s hoping!

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  4. You read so many good series this year! Angels Blood is on my tbr for this year too and I really hope to binge all of them lol. Right now I’m trying to binge the Brigerton books after watching the show on netflix! I also need to read Mistborn, another goal for 2021!! Great post and happy reading 🙂


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