2021 Goal Check In: January

New year, new goals, same check ins.

Just like in 2020, I really want to be actively checking in with my goals throughout the year to make sure that I actually achieve them. This year’s check in will look a little different since my goals are quite different.

I’ll be looking back on the 6 TBR Challenges I drew that month, my Seasonal TBR, Goodreads Challenge, Netgalley Score, Buzzword Readathon (if I participate), and 5 Star Prediction, and 20 to read in 2021 progress.

Here’s how month #1 went.

1. TBR Challenges

I’ve finished 4/6 and tentatively DNF’d one (I’m still unsure if I’m going to try picking up Love is a Rogue by Lenora Bell again…). Which only leaves Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth! That’s not half bad for my first TBR of the year.

2. Winter TBR

I’m already over halfway done with my Winter TBR! And 3 of the 4 left are some of my most anticipated upcoming releases! So I’ll definitely have no problem wrapping this TBR up.

3. Goodreads Challenge: 13/100

While I’ve read quite a bit in January, I will admit that 98% of these were audiobooks. I’ve been all about audiobooks lately because I’ve been struggling to stay focused, and audiobooks give me the ability to do something with my hands while I read (cross stitching is my currently obsession). I’m not mad about it though – AUDIOBOOKS ARE READING. And I will die on that hill.

4. Netgalley Score

In January I finished 6 ARCS, DNF’d 1, and closed out 5 books as “Will Not Review”. That means I got 12 ARCS off my TBR this month!! I’m really proud of that. But since I marked so many as will not review, my score didn’t go up nearly as much as I’d have liked. But I’m up to 55% which is higher than it was in December. So progress!

5. Buzzword Readathon

I didn’t participate this month. The word was “Dream” and I had already finished Deadly Dreams at the end of December. I didn’t have any other books with Dream in the title on my shelves so I decided to pass for this round.

6. 5 Star Predictions

I finished 1 book of this list and it WAS 5 stars!! I knew this book would be a new favorite and I’m so glad it was everything I wanted it to be ❤️

7. 20 to Read in 2021

4 down, 16 more to go! As I said earlier, technically I didn’t finish Love is a Rogue but I’m still on the fence about whether or not I ever will.. so for now I’m counting it as a DNF.

So January was a pretty solid start! I’m proud of the progress I made and how well I stuck to my TBRs – monthly, seasonally, and yearly.

Did you set any 2021 reading goals? How’d you do during the first month?


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