20 Books I Want to Read in 2021

I can’t stop making TBR posts!

I’ve already done my most anticipated as well as 5 star predictions for 2021 releases. So I’m going to try and avoid repeating myself too much. Instead this list isn’t exclusive to 2021 releases.

These are just 20 random books I’d like to get to throughout the year. A lot of these are series continuations, new series I want to start, or books I meant to get to this past year. There are a couple upcoming releases on this list that I haven’t mentioned previously though.

I’m going to try and keep these descriptions as succinct as possible!

Here we go.

1. The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

This was on the list of books I meant to read in 2020 and I’m bound and determined to make it happen this coming year! This is described as a wholesome middle-grade-like adult contemporary featuring the best found family story.

2. Crazy Stupid Bromance (Bromance Book Club #3) by Lyssa Kay Adams

I really wanted to read this in November but I didn’t realize this had chronic illness (organ failure) and I just haven’t been in a place mentally to handle that. This is a friends to lovers romance between a programmer and the owner of a cat cafe.

3. The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow

Another 2020 release I really wanted to read but didn’t manage to get to. This is a feminist witchy story that I know very little about. But I loved The Ten Thousand Doors of January so I’m hoping this follow up is just as amazing.

4. Visions of Heat (Psy-Changeling #2) by Nalini Singh

I’m binging my way through the Guild Hunter series as we speak and in 2021 I really want to do the same with this series! This paranormal romance series takes place in a world with humans, Psy(chics), and Shifters.

5. The Devil in Spring (The Ravenels #3) by Lisa Kleypas

2020 was the year I discovered historical romance! I loved the first 2 books in this series but I haven’t managed to continue on since. Each book follows the romance of one of the Ravenel sisters and I want to read the last 3 books next year.

6. The Surviving Trace (Surviving Time #1) by Calia Read

I’ve heard such great things about this series! I know literally nothing about the plot beyond the fact that it is a time travel romance. But that’s all I need to know. I would like to read the entire trilogy in 2021!

7. The Blood of Zeus (Blood of Zeus #1) by Meredith Wild

I’ve been purposefully holding onto this series for 2021. I picked up book 1 right after the release date but books 2 & 3 release later this coming year. I want to binge the entire thing! This is a paranormal romance with forbidden love and (I’m assuming) Greek god descendants.

8. A Deadly Education (Scholomance #1) by Naomi Novik

This book got some crazy polarizing buzz this year. I want to give this book a read and see where I fall. This is an adult fantasy revolving around a magical school that is filled with deadly monsters.

9. Archangel’s Heart (Guild Hunter #9) by Nalini Singh

I’m prepping posts ahead of time so this one might not be totally accurate but you get the gist. I want to continue on and hopefully catch up on the Guild Hunter series. This is an urban fantasy series with angels, vampires, hunters, and lots of steamy romance.

10. Heartstopper: Volume Four by Alice Oseman

Omg I died over this adorable cover. I’m so excited for another installment in this adorable graphic novel series. This is a YA M/M contemporary romance between the two softest, sweetest boys.

11. Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

I’m so excited for this 2021 release! It’s a Jamaican inspired YA fantasy following 2 witches who form an unlikely alliance to try and take down an evil, mutual threat.

12. Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa

I’ve been on a massive PNR kick the last few months and I’d really like to continue that into 2021 with this series. This is an adult PNR featuring a siren who made bargains with a Fae prince and her repayment is finally called upon.

13. The Beast (Wicked Villains #4) by Katee Robert

This adult romance series it’s a sexy twist on Disney villains. It pairs the heros/heroines of different classic Disney movies with the villains and dials the steaminess up to 11. I really want to continue and possibly finish this series this year.

14. Wolf Gond Wild (Stay a Spell #1) by Juliette Cross

I found this series randomly while searching for PNR and it’s available on KU! It’s a forbidden romance series about a witch and werewolf.

15. If It’s Only Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor #6) by Lexi Ryan

I have 1 more book in this adult romance series and I have no idea why I didn’t finish it in 2020… This series follows a family of siblings and each of their romances. This finally book is a second chance romance following the only sister of the family. And it’s the book I’ve been looking forward to most!

16. Love is a Rogue (Wallflowers vs Rogues #1) by Lenora Bell

I recieved an e-arc of this historical romance from Avon last year and just never got to it.. It’s the first in a new series following a group of wallflowers who form a secret society with goals that don’t involve marriage. And of course, their romances with impossible rogues..

17. To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

This is the follow up to To Have and to Hoax which I liked but didn’t love. I’m hoping this one is even better! This historical romance is a witty friends to lovers romance following 2 people who bet on the hero finding a bride within the a year.

18. Kingdom of Copper (The Daevabad Trilogy #2) by S.A. Chakraborty

I should have read this in 2020. I meant to, I swear. This is the sequel to City of Brass which I absolutely loved. But I fell into a bit of a slump in November when I planned to read this. This is a middle eastern inspired epic fantasy series following a woman with powerful ancestry, Djinn, and loads of political intrigue.

19. The Romeo Catchers (The Casquette Girls #2) by Alys Arden

I actually started this on audio and ended up putting it down to prioritize other things. I really want to continue on with it in 2021 though. This is a YA paranormal series following a coven of witches who trapped a family of vampires. And the consequences of those actions. It’s also super atmospheric and set in New Orleans in the wake of a catastrophic hurricane.

20. Broken Wish (The Mirror #1) by Julie C. Dao

This is another 2020 e-arc that I never managed to get to… But this collaborative series sounds really fascinating so I want to prioritize it. This first book is set in 1800s Germany and is a twist on Snow White.

What are some books on your 2021 TBR??


17 thoughts on “20 Books I Want to Read in 2021

  1. I just added House of the Cerulean Sea to my TBR. Hoping to get to that in the new year. Also the Ravenels series! I’ve read her Wallflowers series and loved it so that is definitely next on my list. – Amber

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