2021 Reading Goals!

My 2021 goals for social media and reading.

Like last year, I’m breaking this set of goals into 3 sections – Blog, Instagram, and Reading.


So my blog goals for the year are pretty straight forward! I mostly want to keep up with the amount of content I’ve been creating but with 1 major goal – Pinterest!

1. Reach 1000 followers (holy cow!)

I like to set a followers goal just because it’s something I already track every month.

2. Post 5+ days per week (maintain from 2020)

I posted 360/366 days in 2020 😱 Which is wild! But I love posting that much and I’d really like to try and keep that up in 2021

3. Pinterest!

This is my main blog goal for the year!! I want to make sure I’m promoting my blog more and Pinterest is such a great tool for that. But up until now I haven’t utilized it. So in 2021 I’m hoping to actually create pins for each of my posts.

4. Pages and Links

My last blog goal for the year is to finally update some of my stale links and pages. I need to clean up the last 6ish months and I really want to prioritize keeping up with it in the new year.


1. Reach 3000 followers

Again just another simple follower goal. This number is honestly crazy to me 😶

2. Be more consistent in posting: 5x / week

My main IG goal for the year is CONSISTENCY. 2020 was a mess of year but I’ve never been great with keeping up with posts on a regular basis. In December I’ve posted every single day and it’s been amazing. And I want to try and keep up with it throughout the year.

3. Promote blog more

I’ve been doing this more lately and it’s great to chat with people in another format! I love DM-ing and getting to chat with people so I definitely want to keep this up.

4. TBR Challenges in stories

I’ll talk more about my TBR challenges in a sec, but I’m planning to pull my monthly TBR on my IG stories! I’m super nervous about it because I never talk on camera 🙈 But I think it’ll be fun to get live reactions!


I have a bunch of reading goals – but I kept each of them pretty simple!

1. Reach 70% on Netgalley

Okay I’m determined to make it happen this year! I don’t think 80% is realistic but I’d like to at least hit 70%. I’m at like 50 right now… so I have work to do.

2. Close out all ARCs from 2020 (or earlier)

This piggy-backs off number 1. But I NEED to clear out all my old/stale arcs. I have some from 2019 and tons from 2020. I don’t want to carry a single one of those into 2022….

3. Read 100 books

This is my reading goal every year and I like to keep it simple since I know this is achievable for me.

4. TBR Challenges (focusing on owned TBR)

So rather than participating in a bunch of reading challenges this year, I’m going to do my own monthly TBR challenges. I created a whole slew of prompts ranging from ‘Fantasy’ to ‘Most Anticipated’ to ‘Color Wheel’. Every month I plan to draw 6 challenges out a jar and use those select some of my monthly reads.

I really want to focus on my OWNED tbr! Whether that is physical books, Audiobooks/ALC, or Kindle/ARCs. But I’m not allowed to go out and pick up new books to fill prompts. This way I’m forced to read some of the things I’ve been holding onto forever.

Like I said earlier, I’m planning to draw this prompts on IG – so definitely follow me over there!

5. Meant to Read in 2020 List

This one is easy – I want to read the books on this list!

6. 2021 5 Star Predictions List

And this one.

7. 20 Books to Read in 2021 List

And this one.

8. Buzzword Readathon

This is the one “reading challenge” I’m doing this year. Every month Kayla from Books and Lala has posted a word or prompt for your book titles to match. Then the readathon runs the first week of the month.

I think the way I’m going to do it through is to just choose 3 books that fulfill the the word/prompt and read them throughout the month.

9. Reading Journal

My last goal for the year is to keep up with my new reading journal! I set up some notebooks that I’ll be sharing in January where I can log my books and reviews. I did it a little differently this year because I really lost steam around the end of summer in my last journal (and completely dropped off by November). Hopefully this new system works better in the long term!

That’s it! Fingers crossed 2021 is a little kinder to us all. What are some of your goals for the new year? – reading or personal!


8 thoughts on “2021 Reading Goals!

  1. I am not sure what this year will bring in terms of medical school (whether or not I get in and start in the fall) but I am really hoping to read 100 books in 2021. A reading journal is a great idea! I have logged the books that I have finished in the “notes” section of my planner. Maybe I will move it to an actual journal book. It would be cool to look back at it one day!

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