Tarot Cards Pick Your Book Recommendation!

Happy Monday! Time to kick off the week with some new recommendations ♥

NOTE: I have links to places you can purchase these books – these are NOT affiliate links! While I do receive ALC copies from Libro.fm, I do not receive anything if you purchase from them.

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The Concept

I originally got this idea from Ariel Bissett! So if you haven’t seen her video, definitely head over to her channel.

This is a 3 card spread and you can play along one of two ways:

  1. Chose one of the 3 cards that speaks to you. Don’t over think it, just chose which ever one your gut is telling you to.
  2. View this as virtual weekly or 3 card spread! A 3 card spread can be read many ways but the most common interpretations are:
    • Past, Present, Future
    • Mind, Body, Spirit
    • You, Me, Us
    • Stop, Start, Continue

UPDATES: One of the things I’m changing this year is I’ll be including some video/story footage over on my Instagram. So if you want to watch that or pick a card over video, the story will be saved to a highlight all week ❤️

The Spread

Now is the time to pick a card! I’ll read the cards from Left to Right. So feel free to skip to the card you pick or read them all!








Card 1: ‘The Past’

The first card is: THE HIEROPHANT

The hierophant signifies a hunger for knowledge. And it’s simplest form, it represents a potential teacher or mentor. It’s time to deepen your practice or broaden your horizons. Be aware of yourself getting stuck in your ways, don’t be afraid to reach out and try new experiences.


City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab

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I decided to go with a fun paranormal middle grade for this prompt! This follows Cassidy Blake who can see ghosts after nearly drowning. Now she and her family are traveling the world to film a documentary about the world’s most haunted cities.

Their first stop is Edinburgh, and there Cassidy meets Lara and learns that along with ability to see ghosts comes certain responsibilities.

This series now has 3 books released and they’re creepy, dark, and a ton of fun. And bonus – the audiobooks are fantastic.

Card 2: ‘The Present’

The second card is: ACE OF WANDS

New growth is all around you! This a fertile time for new ideas and creativity. It’s a time of expansion, enthusiasm, and inspiration. This journey of discovering your new potential is thrilling, but don’t rush it! Take your time and bask in your lease on life.


The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell

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This historical romance follows a female artists who is struggling with creating a painting to present for a show. But inspiration (surprisingly strikes in the form a nude and drunkenly passed out man on the streets of London).

Unfortunately, it turns out that man is a Duke and doesn’t want his naked painting shown for all of society to see. But he agrees to help the heroine create something new before the deadline. And of course – sparks fly.

This book definitely deals with some heavy topics – big trigger warning for alcoholism – but overall it’s a really fun and fantastic romance.

Card 3: ‘The Future’

The final card is: MOTHER OF WANDS

The Mother of Wands is domestic, vibrant, protective, and dominant. It’s a call to take charge and organize your life. You may be constantly going, working, and helping other. If you take on too much, you may feel chaotic and forgetful – slow down. This card symbolizes an energetic nature, vivaciousness, and strength.


The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec

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I struggled with this prompt… but in the end I went with this stunning Norse Mythology retelling as Angrboda is the most badass and protective mother.

This follows Angrboda who is a cast out of Valhalla after having her heart removed and being burned at the stake. But when Loki finds her and returns heart, she’s swept back into their world.

Throughout the years, Loki comes and goes and the two of them have 3 magical children. But an ominous prophecy has everyone on edge and Angrboda will do anything it takes to protect her children. Even burn the world to the ground.

This fantasy is stunningly written and definitely doesn’t require prior knowledge of Norse mythology!

What card did you pick and did the meaning/recommendation fit for you??

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