Book Review: Unbreakable (Cloverleigh Farms #4) by Melanie Harlow



Title: Unbreakable (Cloverleigh Farms #4)
Author: Melanie Harlow
Genre: Romance
Edition/Pages: Ebook, 292 pages
Goodreads page


In the wake of her divorce, Sylvia decides to move back to Cloverleigh Farms for a fresh start. There her and her kids can have a new life. She quickly befriends Henry, the family’s friend and winemaker, who also recently went through a divorce. The two find they can confide in each other. But what starts out as friendship, quickly grows to so much more. But Sylvia has so much more to worry about, like her 2 young children who are struggling with the changes.


➸ POV: 1st Person, Alternating from Sylvia and Henry’s POV

➸ Sylvia: 37, Divorced, Oldest sister, Mother of 2, Recently moved home to Cloverleigh Farms from LA after divorce

➸ Henry: Divorced, Wine maker at Cloverleigh farms, Close to Sawyer family, Wants a family

Content Warnings: Divorce, Infertility, Disordered eating, Grief

My Thoughts

This is my new favorite book in this series!! I absolutely loved both of the main characters. I don’t know if it is because both of the MCs are older, but I could relate to both of them so viscerally. They struggles and concerns are so relatable and I really felt for them.

I loved the chemistry between these two characters. While their attraction was pretty instantaneous, I loved how much time we got to see their connection grow. These 2 spend a lot of time as friends, and I really loved seeing them learn about each other and grow closer outside of a physical relationship. I really, really appreciated that representation and look at a relationship.

This book tackles some pretty heavy stuff. Not only are both characters dealing with the aftermath of divorce, but you also get a lot of Sylvia’s children struggling with the changes. Not only are they both dealing with the grief and confusion of their family splitting up, but they are dealing with it in unhealthy ways (mainly disordered eating and dysmorphia). This book really delves into the discussion of the importance of dealing with grief in a health manner and is blatantly pro therapy – which we stan.

The other big topic this tackles in infertility. If you are at all sensitive to this topic, this may be a book you avoid. It goes into a lot of detail about IVF and the struggles of losing pregnancies and the toll it can take on a relationship. And this contains a plot device that I personally find insensitive and know does not sit well with some readers. So check out my Goodreads review which has a spoiler section if you want more details on this!

Overall, I love this series. It’s so heartwarming and sweet and I just want to be a part of this family whenever I pick these up. I cannot wait to get April’s book next! But I’ll be so sad to see this series come to a close!


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