Book Review: Girls With Razor Hearts (Girls With Sharp Sticks #2) by Suzanne Young



Title: Girls With Razor Hearts (Girls With Sharp Sticks #2)
Author: Suzanne Young
Genre: Science Fiction
Edition/Pages: E-book, 400 pages
Goodreads page

I received this as an ARC from Simon Pulse via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

Oof…. this was so rough. I will try to keep this pretty brief, because in all honesty, I started skimming around the 45% mark and don’t really have anything good to say.

This book lacked an semblance of subtly or finesse. Every single sentence felt like it was trying to be quote worthy and impactful. Every character was an over the top caricature. I felt like I was being beaten over the head by a caveman with a club – men bad.

I’m all in for feminist literature and taking out the patriarchy, but damn… Every single male in here was utter abusive garbage – except, of course, for the lone “love interest”. And on top if it, this book felt the need to tackle every topic under the sun – sexism, racism, global warming, classism, wealth discrepancy, bullying, abuse, harassment, the list goes on. It was too much and made the book feel like it lacked any determinate direction.

The plot was minimal and meandering at best. The dialogue was awkward. And it drove me mad that there were paragraphs of exposition directly following every action scene reiterating what happened. For example – a character wraps her arms around a character then starts walking them up the stairs. Then in her head she states, and I quote: “I’m helping him up the stairs”. Exactly zero people walk up the stairs and think to themselves, I’m walking up the stairs. Readers aren’t stupid, you don’t have to spell it out, I can clearly see what is happening.

Overall this was a mess. If you enjoyed book 1, I recommend leaving it there and skipping this sequel.


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