Book Review: Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women #1) by Evie Dunmore

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Title: Bringing Down the Duke
Series: A League of Extraordinary Women #1
Author: Evie Dunmore
Genre: Historical Romance
Edition/Pages: Paperback, 368 Pages
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Annabelle is the brilliant daughter of a vicar, trapped in her cousin’s home taking care of his children and household. So when she receives a scholarship to become one of the first female students at Oxford, she grabs at her only chance for freedom. But there’s one catch – to receive her scholarship she must join the rising women’s suffrage movement. And her first task is to win over the cold and brooding Duke of Montgomery. 


➸ POV: 3rd Person, Annabelle & Sebastian’s POV

➸ Annabelle Archer: 25, One of the first female students at Oxford, Governess/maid to cousin and wants to escape

➸ Sebastian Devereux: 35, Duke of Montgomery, Steely and cold, Influential, Divorced 

Content Warnings: Sexism, Miscarriage, Police Brutality, Protesting

My Thoughts

I have no idea why put this book off for so long… This was absolutely everything I want and and love in historical fiction!

I loved that this was told in dual POV. I was worried when I first picked this up that it was all going to be from Annabelle’s perspective. I personally prefer my romances to be told in dual pov so that we can insight into both characters. I fell in love with Sebastian’s character so quickly! He was everything I love is broody, damaged hero!!

The tension and chemistry in here were so well developed. Every interaction felt charged and leapt off the page. This was definitely WAY steamier than I had anticipated and I absolutely loved it for that. These characters had amazing banter and I was definitely rooting for them to be together.

I also loved how the stakes felt high and real. In a romance, you know from the beginning that the characters will end up together, so sometimes the conflict can come across forced. But that was definitely not the case with this book! They had real and daunting obstacles to overcome.

Also – read the author’s note! I love getting these little peaks into the history or ideas behind a book. And this one was fantastic.

Overall, this book is 100% worth all the hype it has received over the last year. It was feminist, funny, and sexy – everything I love and want from historical romances. It also had amazing side characters that became really attached to throughout this book, which makes me even more excited for the sequels. I absolutely cannot wait to pick up the next book!!

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