Book Review: The Intimacy Experiment (The Roommate #2) by Rosie Danan

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: The Intimacy Experiment
Series: The Roommate #2
Author: Rosie Danan
Genre: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Tropes/Themes: Opposites Attract, Jewish MC, Sex Worker MC
Edition/Pages: E-ARC, 336 Pages
Goodreads page

This book will definitely make my favorites of 2021 list!

I absolutely adored everything this book did. Not only did this have an outstandingly sexy romance, but the main characters went through amazing personal journeys along the way. This had chemistry, tension, amazing themes, and fantastic Jewish representation (just a note – I am not own voices however I am married into a Reform Jewish family).

Naomi is a new all-time favorite main character. I loved her journey throughout this book – particularly the way she had to learn to let her guard down, and I think it’s a struggle that many people can relate to. Naomi’s tumultuous past paired with societal prejudices against sex-workers, has caused her to put up impenetrable walls. She refuses to let anyone see her as anything other than feisty and utterly self-reliant. And she fully embraces her identity as a sexual icon since that is all most people she her as anyways. But throughout the book you watch her unravel her trauma and open up. And it’s a stunning journey to experience.

The way Ethan and Naomi love each other was absolutely beautiful. Ethan stood up against everyone so fiercely for Naomi – despite the risks. And Naomi fully embraced his passion for his career. Their slow burn romance was full of chemistry and tension. And that first date scene…. left me panting.

I loved absolutely everything that Rosie Danan tackled throughout this book. From faith to sex work to society prejudices, she handled everything with so much care. There were so many moments and lines throughout that hit in a way that made it was clear the author felt personally invested in the themes she was writing. 

Overall this book stole my heart. Naomi’s monologue at the end had me reading through tears and solidified this as an all-time favorite romance. I absolutely cannot wait to read whatever Rosie Danan writes next – inside this world or otherwise!

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