Book Review: One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Title: One Last Stop
Author: Casey McQuiston
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Tropes/Themes: F/F Romance, LGBTQIA+, Sci-fi/Time Travel Element, New York Setting
Edition/Pages: Audiobook, 12 Hours 10 Minutes
Goodreads page

Thank you so much to St. Martin’s Griffin and Edelweiss+ for providing an e-arc copy in exchange for an honest review.


I think this book has solidified Casey McQuiston as an all-time favorite author. Their books are honestly perfection. This had absolutely everything I love in a contemporary romance – fantastic chemistry, relatable characters, found family, hilarious banter, and a unique twist. This book had me laughing, smiling, swooning, and sobbing. Any book that can make me cry is an instant favorite, and McQuiston has done it twice now. 

I LOVED the sci-fi twist this romance took on an otherwise recognizable premise, making it completely new and fresh. The sci-fi element was so well executed and researched. It added such an unique twist to the forced proximity trope, which is already something I love in romance, so this just made it even more amazing and memorable.

You cannot help but fall in love with every single character in this book. This has a decently sized cast of characters, but every single one is so fully developed that they could have starred in their own books – in fact I want that. They each have a very unique voice and I ended up loving them just as much as the 2 heroines. 

This book is so unapologetically queer. I love that this explored queer culture and highlighted the LGBTQIA+ community that paved the way to where we are today. I loved how by learning Jane’s past McQuiston was able to seamlessly integrate discussions of riots, protesting, HIV, politics, and more. It was honestly genius and extremely impactful. 

The romance in here was, of course, absolute perfection. I loved the slow burn build up between these characters (who doesn’t love a good “fake kissing” scene). And their banter and chemistry was off the charts. I also really appreciated the way the author weaved in discussions of social pressures and societies narrow definition of what sex is. This book is hella sex positive and super steamy. Amazing.

But even though I loved all of that, what really blew this book to the next level was the found family aspect. The family and home these characters found in each other broke my heart open and rebuilt it. They so fiercely loved, accepted, and supported each other in a world where they’re seen as “different”. I want to cry just thinking about how much I love them. 

If you want a fantastic queer romance (hello Pride Month!) – please, please add this to your immediate TBR. It’s heartwarming and sexy and will leave you begging for more. I have no idea what Casey McQuiston’s next book is about, but I already desperately want it.

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